Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nope, Not a Mrs.

More than a few times I have had people assume that I am married with kids.  Not sure where their logic comes from, but it happens all the same.

I love when I correct them that I am actually single, and they argue with me.  Argue.  As if I would have forgotten.

“You mean you aren’t married?”

“Wait- Oh yes!  That handsome man wandering around my house, he must be my husband!  And the ankle biter grinding cheerios into my carpet…I must be his mom!  I was suffering from temporary amnesia.  Thank you so much for reminding me!” (don’t worry, I am not that sarcastic with the unsuspecting public)


Cut to yesterday.

I am on the phone AGAIN with an organization that I work with through the CCD program.  Love their mission, but their paperwork leaves something to be desired.

After explaining the problem, my phone call is transferred a few times, and I finally have someone on the line who can help.  She sees the problem, and starts type-type-typing to correct it on the screen in front of her.

As she is correcting the info, she says, “You know, I think I remember you- Did you call with an issue like this last year?”  I respond yes.  She says, “Yes!  I did talk to you!  I remember.  Well, hopefully we can fix it this time!”  Great.

As she looks things over, she tells me that she thinks she has all of the information fixed and that I shouldn’t have any more problems.  But then she says, “Oh, wait!  I think I see another mistake! It says Ms., not Mrs.  It must be Mrs., right?”

(She gets my marital status out of two conversations?  Over the phone?)

I respond, “Nope, Ms. is correct.”

Then she says, “So, it’s not Mrs.?”

After reassuring her, again, that it is not Mrs., we end the phone call.  Sheesh.

FYI, if my marital status changes, I’ll let you know.  No need to argue with me about it, OK?


  1. But I thought that only moms wanted to volunteer for youth organizations out of an obligation. Surely no one volunteers because they like kids.

  2. Oh, I have had comments to the affect: "You're not that bad looking, and you have a college education. Something else MUST be wrong with you."
    Ugh, people!
    Thanks for the post. I'm glad it's not just me!

  3. Kayla, people have really said that there must be something wrong with you? Really? Maybe there is something wrong with them...