Saturday, December 24, 2011

How We Celebrate Christmas Eve- Part 2

You just met my sister Emily.  Let me tell you more about Stephanie.

This is Stephanie.  Many people call her Ginger.  Her man (that's him there) calls her Red.

So, we picked up Emily at the train station and then my mom called to tell us that we weren't allowed to come home yet because she was working on a Christmas surprise.  So we killed some time in Henry.  (Sidenote- We first ran into my green puffy parka wearing friend at the gas station an hour after we last saw him at the train depot.  Oh, small towns.  We also were all able to wish my upstairs neighbor from this post a very Merry Christmas.)

We went back to my apartment and decided to take some pictures. This is Emily trying to get Steph and Steve to kiss in the picture.

 Her forcible interaction did not end well.  It resulted in hair pulling and her getting pushed off the couch.
 She then decided that Steph should take a picture of us.  She wanted a nice picture.

This is us talking about the nice picture.
 This is us demonstrating our mad ninja skills after I poked her in the ribs while trying to take a "nice picture."
 This is her growling at me, "Why can't we just take a nice picture!!!"  Look at her face!
 This is the best attempt at a nice picture.  We will try again later.
 Then we went back to trying to take a "nice picture" of Steph and Steve.  This happened instead.
Do you understand what is happening?  That is Stephanie showing off something new and shiny on her left hand.  And Steven giving a thumbs up.  He asked her to grow old with him last week and we are already knee deep in September wedding plans.   Yay Steph and Steve!

Just so you know, I have already named their first four children:

Stevin (rhymes with heaven)
Stephan (like Steve Urkle's alternate ego from Family Matters)
Stefani (as in Gwen)
and Steven Jr.

More Christmas Joy to come.

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