Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Study in Awkward

So today, I decided to inject myself with a healthy dose of humility.

And share these with you.

We'll call it "A Study in Awkward."

The Ag teacher at my old high school was cleaning things out, found these, and gave them to my mom. (thanks)

There are three things that I learned from flipping through these old photos:
1. The 2000-2002 era was not a good look for me.
2. Big bangs were a bad choice.
3. FFA award pictures are a poor representation of the organization.

What do I mean by #3?  Let's pretend you don't know anything about FFA.  Maybe we don't have to pretend.  And then you stumble across these beauties.  Awkward kids.  Wearing weird blue corduroy jackets.  Holding up ribbons.  In strange locations.  What would you think about this group called FFA?

Let's look at some test subjects: (Note: This is for my own humility, not any of the other poor victims of these pictures.  I will not reveal any of their identities...even if one or two might be blog readers...)

Subject #1:
Just look at our faces!  Do we really look like some kids who just won a really important agricultural sales contest? Nope.  And SALES?  Would you buy anything from us?  Nope.
This is actually us winning the District Ag Sales contest.  whut whut.

Subject #2:
Similarly awkward kids.  This time in front of a Christmas tree.  What are the ribbons for?  Did we just win something for decorating the tree?  Are we putting the ribbons on the tree?  Are we really elves in blue corduroy?  (those are all wrong answers, by the way)

This is actually us getting first place at the Section Crops Contest.

Subject #3:
Wait! Are you thinking same picture?  You would be wrong.  Same location.  Same contest.  Some of the same kids.  Totally different year.

This is us winning the same contest the following year.  We were on a winning streak.
Subject #4:
Here is where we start with the really weird backgrounds.  I call this one "Awkward Kids in a Parking Lot"

This is actually us getting second place at the Section Ag Mechanics Contest.  This topped the list of my personal "least favorite FFA experiences".
Subject #5:
I call this one "Awkward Kids in a Hole."  Really?  Again, if you have no idea what is going on, what does a picture of five kids standing in a big hole (wearing blue corduroy) relate to in real life? 

This is actually us after the Section Land Use Contest.  I don't know what place we got, because we are not holding any ugly plaques or ribbons.  But we probably won.  Because despite how it looks, we were awesome.
Subject #6:
And we come to my favorite.  I call this one "Awkward Kids in a Meat Locker."  Yes, a meat locker.  If you would like me to email you the original file, there is still time to make 24" x 36" prints to give as Christmas presents.  Let me know. 

This is actually us getting first place at the Section Meats Contest.  Have I mentioned that I was a vegetarian while I served on the Meats Judging Team?  Go figure.

And we come to the end.  I am feeling humble.  And like FFA needs to do some Ad campaigns.  Go visit this site if you are curious what meat lockers, Christmas trees, parking lots, and holes have to do with Agricultural Education.  And maybe sometime, I will do a little better job of filling you in.


  1. This is HILARIOUS!!! I was laughing out loud - as was Travis! The hole and the meat locker ones were the. BEST. Wow! YOu look a little like grave diggers in the hole one.

    Oh man! So funny!

  2. I am glad you laughed. I look like such a dork in all of them, but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up sharing them! grave diggers...I didn't even think of that. We were examining soil profiles. Isn't that obvious? :)

  3. Bring Back the BANGS!!!! :0) I agree, the meat locker or kids in the hole top off everything!

  4. I did not authorize this.
    Unfortunately, this picture is actually one of my best in high school!
    Note: Please do not revert to anything pre-2001 though as those were not pretty years - there may be legal consequences for those postings.

  5. Oh my word!!! These are great! Trying to laugh silently at work as the tears are forming in my eyes. I may still have to share this with my co-workers. So funny!

  6. Rach- NO bangs. NO.

    Linds- I only allowed that last one because it is a very good picture of you, despite the hanging carcasses in the background. I would never post anything humiliating on your behalf.

    Anita-You probably get it the most because you know most of these kids...shhhhhhh...don't tell them these pictures went public!