Friday, February 24, 2012

Hog Hunting

It is Friday afternoon, and I am wishing that I could rewind and have this work week all over again.
Not that there was anything terrible or wonderful about this week, but I sure don't feel like it should be Friday already- someone stole my Wednesday...and my Thursday.  If you find them, please let me know.

So on that note, here is a bit of light humor for your Friday afternoon.

I have recently switched over to using gmail.  Gmail pays for their services with small ads around my email inbox.  I don't mind- I usually don't even notice.  However, I can tell that the ads are placed using what must be keys words sent in the email.  Sometimes, they make funny connections.

For example, I was just emailing a 4-H volunteer.  The email that I was looking at dealt with items related to his role as our 4-H Swine Superintendent.  Swine- as in- we raise 'em, we slaughter 'em, we eat 'em.  Normal farm stuff.

The banner ad above my email message?

"Free Wild Hog Hunt - - Texas is over-run with hogs Help! 3 day/2night with meals and lodging"

Now, please open up another tab right now and do a Google image search for "Hog Hunt." You might not want to do this if there are small ones in the room with you.  Trust me when I say that search result will look nothing like the cute little piglet pictured above.  Blood, and hairy hogs, and guns, and proud camo wearing men, kneeling next to their conquests.

This reminded me of hiking up a mountain with my sisters in Hawaii.  We were a little apprehensive when we saw this sign:
But we went hiking anyways.  We only saw sideways trees, and giant man-eating flowers, and bamboo, and torrential rain storms.  No hogs.

And this whole line of thought started because I was emailing a 4-H volunteer...

On that note, anyone up for a free trip to Texas?  I hear it's a blast!  :)

P.S.- Just a note for my regular readers- A belated apology for the lack of normal posts lately.  If you are not a CCD teacher or Youth Group leader or have kids old enough for school, my last couple of weeks of posts has probably had you bored.  There was a reason- I was preparing for a presentation on Catholic Curriculum in Religious Education and using a hands-on, multiple intelligence approach to teaching.  This is my third one this year, and I have three more on the calendar.  I needed a way to get some of the resources to the attendees without going broke and killing a tree in the process. Hence my new "Sharing the Faith" tab.  Thanks for bearing with me, and I promise that this will not turn into a strictly Religious Ed blog (at least not while I have ridiculous stories like the one above to tell).

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