Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prizes, prizes, prizes

So, I haven't seen Betsy and Bonnie since they became the winner-winner-chicken-dinners from this post, but I know what their prizes are gonna be...

Betsy, grand-prize-cardigan-comment-winner, gets a pretty purse for some summer weddings!
Wait, does that look familiar?
Did you read this one?
Re-purposing a  ruined scarf into a cute bag, intended for my sister.  She thought it was adorable, but thought that it should be smaller, and have a zipper, and have a wristlet strap instead.  So this became her birthday present:

So, Betsy gets the original design, a pretty, go-green, cute handbag. Hope you like it!

Bonnie, runner-up-homeschool-comment, gets some pretty monogrammed notecards, for when she needs to send a thank-you, or last minute birthday card, or a just because note.
She just needs to let me know if she wants an "E" or a "B" stamped on them.

Yay ladies!  Hope you like them :)