Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spiritual Adoption Update Postcards

Back on the Feast of the Annunciation, I posted about how my parish's Pro-Life Coordinator and I were organizing a spiritual adoption to help the kids understand more about the importance of being pro-life.  My hopes for this nine month long project are to increase the education of the kids (and their parents) of prenatal development, to open up their hearts and minds to the need to talk about being pro-life, and to increase their prayers for the unborn.  It also seemed a timely project with the current attack on the pro-life stance through the HHS mandate.

On March 25th, we shared with the kids about spiritual adoption and had them spiritually adopt a baby.  They got to chose to adopt a boy or a girl and named the baby.  Under the "Sharing the Faith" tab above, there are Spiritual Adoption Cards and Bookmarks with the prayer written by Fulton Sheen. (Note, I have since edited them to add the title Venerable instead of Servant of God.  Hopefully someday soon I'll have to edit them to say Blessed, and then Saint...)

Each month on the 25th, we visited the classrooms with cool full color posters of a baby at that month of development and shared with them what milestones the baby has passed.  Since month three, four, and five all happen over the summer when CCD is not in session, I wanted to still be able update them and remind them to keep praying for their babies.  So, we have taken over the pro-life bulletin board in the vestibule of the church, and I am mailing these postcards to each family around the 25th of each month.  (Unfortunately, I made these last month, and had already printed, cut, and addressed the year's worth of cards, all with "Servant of God" Sheen's prayer on them. However, I have fixed them for you!)

Each postcard has the Spiritual Adoption prayer, updates on the length and weight of the baby, milestones that the baby has reached, and a picture of a baby at that stage of development.  There are cards for the start of the adoption, the nine months of updates, a card with a spot to fill out the baby's name and sex, and a card with just the adoption prayer.  The last page is a sheet that can be copied on the back of each to make them a mailable postcard.

This set of cards is already set up if you are doing a spiritual adoption from the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25th) to Christmas, celebrating the nine months that Christ was in the womb.  The dates are already filled in.
This set of cards has blanks for a spiritual adoption starting at anytime.  You fill in the milestone date and due date.
Hope that you can use these to help encourage a whole new generation of Pro-Lifers!


  1. Hi, Katie. Would you be willing to share an editable version of the Spiritual Adoption update postcards? My students will be adopting babies during Respect Life month, and we would like to change the dates to reflect that difference. Thank you so much for all you do!

    1. Hi Jenn! Yes! The second set of postcards (last image in the post) has blanks in the place of dates, so you can fill in your dates of choice. You can either print and hand write, or use a pdf writer. If you'd prefer to edit the original file, send me an email at looktohimandberadiant@gmail.com and I'll email it to you. Unfortunately, that will probably result in wonky fonts and formatting, so one of the first two options might be easier. Your choice! Thanks!

    2. Thank you so much. I missed that in all of my clicking! Your resources are a blessing, as I have all the desire but none of the artistic ability and very little time. God bless you!

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