Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Home Sweet Classroom- Part Two

If you haven't read my post from a few days ago, you should know that I LOVE, L-O-V-E, my new job.  So,  I'd like to take you on a tour of my classroom.

If you go back here, you will get a bit of a before shot.

Here are some current pictures with a bit of commentary:

I'm running with an owl theme.  They are so cute, and the kids love them.  I can use corny sayings like "Whoooo's Ready for some KnOWLedge?" and they laugh.  Plus, I am using "Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom" as our theme verse for the year, it all flows together nicely.
They loved making these, and I have gotten lots of compliments so far.  It sure brightened up the hallway quickly!

It looks a whole lot crazier and smaller when there are 29 little people in those desks, so don't let the empty floor and pushed in chairs fool you.
 Gotta love Mother T.
I need to take a better picture, but behind my desk is our "jobs" bulletin board.  I told the kids that they might be too old for cutsy school jobs, but the fact of the matter is, I need them- there have to be more hands passing things out, cleaning up, etc.  So I have old jean pockets with their names on them and job assignments and group work gets labeled in one place.
Love how these are working out so far- Group "offices".  Each bin has commonly needed supplies that can't fit all in their desk.  Everything is color coded and labeled, so it all ends up in the same place.  So now if we are doing a quick activity that involves use of scissors, I don't have to send them all to their lockers.  I set the office in the middle of a group of desks, and they have post it notes, highlighters, a stapler, etc.  all at their fingertips.  There is not enough space in the room for a lot of traffic flow, so items within arms' reach are wonderful.
 I am not sure we have enough books...
 Oh, good, there are some more.
I didn't inherit any mailboxes, and they are expensive, so two of these hanging file folder things are going on a test drive.  I saw something similar on pinterest, but it needed some adaptation. Once I perfect it, I'll post more details, because I think that something like it could be really useful and inexpensive for a kid's room or home office.
Another whole room shot- but I didn't realize how the curtains didn't show, so I will have to take another picture.  The new curtains changed the whole room, which isn't saying much if you remember the old ones.  And the kids love them, which is always a plus.
 Loving the technology.  Ahhhh.
Little faith corner.  Note the awesome newly painted file cabinet.  Also a favorite item with the students.
Well, I am out of pictures, but the classroom will probably look different tomorrow anyways.  So I will leave you with a 5th grade quote for the week.

(Note that I was wearing my hair in a braid.  My hair is already a popular topic among the girls.)

In a wistful tone, one of my students said, "Miss Bogner, you look just like a blond Katniss."

If you are not on the Hunger Games train, know that this is very high praise in 5th grade world. :)


  1. I LOVE your classroom! The 5th graders sound great, and they are lucky to have you. You can never have too many books. :)

  2. :) Oh Katie I love your owl theme and all the little colorful touches you added to brighten up the room. So excited to hear stories of your year ahead!

  3. Loved seeing pics of your classroom!
    AND I love the owls - super cute!

  4. Love the St. Max poster! I love those posters so much! Great classroom!