Friday, April 5, 2013

The Quotable Sheen

I have always been a quote person.  I love collecting quotes, writing them on post-it notes to stick on my mirror, including my favorites in cards, gifts, etc.  In high school, friends and I had quote books and would trade them back and forth so that we could fill them up.  So, I guess it should come as no surprise that one of the things that I love about Fulton Sheen are his powerful quotes.  He was such a prolific writer and speaker, so his words are everywhere, but more than that, he was able to teach profound truths in few words.

As we began this study of Sheen, I included a few of my favorite Sheen quotes in the booklet we used as we watched the intro movie.

I've got some artsy kids, so I encouraged them to create some artwork, or write their favorite quote, or print a picture of Sheen at home to add to our Sheen corner (more on that later).  All on their own time at home or when their work was finished, and no pressure, just an invite to add something if they were "inspired."

Here is some of their work so far:

Make sure to click on this to enlarge so you can read the quote and see the detail!

(Based on a joke Sheen told about Heaven-not a direct quote:) )

Note that his zucchetto is on the side of his head...

And soon the kids were asking for more quotes that Sheen said.  I compiled some of my favorites that have kid-accessible messages.
And printed a stack of cards
to add to our Sheen corner where the kids could read them.
(Note: my printer did not cooperate for the cards I printed.  The shot below is what the back is suppose to look like, but I did not want to waste more ink.)

You can click the image below for a printable of 24 of Sheen's quotes, including a page that looks like above that can be run on the back of the cards.
Or, here is a printable of just the quotes as a list.

And not to be left out of the fun, I did some doodling myself, and made some coloring pages for my students who would sometimes rather color in the lines than start from scratch.  Let's admit it, we all need a coloring break every now and then.

You could print these full size for normal coloring pages or print half size to include in the kids' Sheen notebooks.

Click on the thumbnails below for printables:

There's a lot of good quotes, so expect a round two sometime soon!


  1. Amazing job!! So much thought went into it - thanks for sharing!! God bless...