Monday, June 17, 2013

Vocations: Part Two

Check out Part One of my posts on Vocation activities.

When teaching about vocations, I love using this movie:

I also love these Vocation dolls, made by Wee Believers.

Meet Sr. Mary Clara:
 And Fr. Juan Pablo:
 Fr. Juan comes with his own mini Mass kit:
 Aren't they sweet?
 And both dolls come with these great books, complete with explanation of the Vocations, prayers for Vocations, and five real life Vocations stories.  Check out some of the pages:

 I keep the dolls and books in my classroom, and the kids are free to pull them out of the religion corner. Sometimes they use Fr. Juan Pablo or Sr. Mary Clara as a reading buddy.  One time I walked back into my classroom after dropping the kids off at PE, and found Fr. Juan propped up on a desk reading a book where a student had left off.  My, they are creative :)
What are some products or resources that you use to promote a respect for Vocations?


  1. Hi Katie,

    I love your site! I use it all the time with my 5th graders! I am teaching about vocations this week, and was wondering what movie you use to teach it. The link isn't showing up on my computer.


    1. I'm not sure what happened! Here's the link: It's called Fishers of Men