Monday, June 10, 2013

When I Say...

Three things about sisters:

1. We are cramming in a lot of family time time this summer, finishing planning a wedding and getting ready to send Em and Luke off to their first military post in Georgia.  This weekend we took a quick two day trip to Wisconsin to see the House on the Rock, which was a vacation spot from our childhood. 
This time we went back as a adults, complete with both parents, me, my sisters, and their husband and fiance.  Let's just say that we enjoyed the tour, but wondered many times about the state of mind of the guy who made this place.  Remembering the experience as a kid made the spectacle as an adult all the more "trippy."

Favorite memory from the day? My mom trying to get us all in one place for yet another picture.  We had scattered like chickens looking at some of the displays, walking away from her....  Remember that my mom is mother to three daughters, and has two recently acquired sons-in-law. To get our attention, she quickly called "Girls!"  Then realizing her mistake, she called "Boys!"  Getting frustrated because we were all laughing now, she resorted to "Kids, get over here!"  Probably was interesting for the other patrons to see five twenty-somethings come running to the sound of "Kids!"

2.  The family is all facing the idea of Em and Luke moving very far away in different ways.  We have always been very close, and it will be an interesting adjustment for us to have that much distance between us.  I never thought that I would be so grateful to have Steph and Steve only two hours away.  Perspective changes, I guess. 
I think that Emily wrote a very poignant and thoughtful post on her upcoming challenges here.  If you or someone you know is facing big changes an need a positive outlook, it will be a good read.

3. Finally, I just couldn't resist the truth in this:
I don't like to gossip, try to keep secrets when asked, and consider myself trustworthy and honest.  But seriously, sometimes it feels like it shouldn't count to tell your sisters everything. Anyone else with sisters agree?  :)


  1. This sister disagrees 100%. In fact it is completely opposite with my sister. When I want everyone to know something I tell her :). I love her anyway.

  2. No sisters here, of course, but that's the rule with Travis. You tell me, you're pretty much telling Travis, too.

    1. You guys are married=the 2 are 1. That is a given.
      I have no excuse for telling my sisters :)

  3. I wondered why my blog was getting more than 2 hits. Ahh, of course it's due to yours :) Thanks for Christmas, btw, the last few have been great!