Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Theological Virtues

Virtue: A Habit to do the good, give the best of yourself, and be more like God in what you say and do.

If it's in my room, odds are good it is going to be tied in with owls. Get it?  The greatest of these is love?

To tie in with our study of sainthood and the universal call to holiness, I decided to do a little more intentional instruction about the virtues.  Visit here for the original graphic organizer we added to our notebooks to start things off.

Go check out the Moral Virtues and how we have been using these notes to encourage the kids to grow in holiness by reading this post.

Next up: The Theological Virtues.

We have been focusing on one virtue each week.  After the Moral Virtues, we are moving into the Theological Virtues.   I made a printable for them to add to their Sheen notebooks, which I printed half sized to better fit on a notebook page.  Both full size and 2-per-page options to print can be found below.

Click on the picture for the full size printables.
 Click here for the half page Faith sheet.
 Click here for the half page Hope sheet.
  Click here for the half page Charity sheet.


  1. I just found your neat-o blog via pinterest. I was clicking around and low and are from the Peoria area. So am I! Originally anyway, for the last seven years I've been living in New England, but I love reading a good blog from my "home" area. Lovely stuff here.

    1. Yay! Gotta love Peoria connections! Glad you have found some good stuff :)

  2. These are fantastic. This is my go to blog for when I need something for my 3rd and 4th graders. Do you have anything that you have done on the Beatitudes? I am looking for a big unit! I teach at a St. Joseph's in Harvard IL near the Wisconsin border :)

    1. Hi Hilary! I am so glad that you find goof things to use for your kiddos here! And I love the St. Joseph connection :). I don't have much on the Beatitudes, because that is not in my normal 5th grade curriculum. The only thing that I really have posted here is a card game connecting modern Saints with the Beatitudes. You can find it here:
      I'll keep an eye out for more!