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The Way of Light Story Bag


Alleluia!  Happy Easter!

Now that we have spent so much time focusing on Lent, it is time to remember and live the message of Easter.  One way to do that is to learn the stories from the Gospels about the 40 days Jesus spent on earth after His Resurrection.  That is where the Way of Light comes in.  You can read more about why I have created activities for the fourteen stations of the Way of Light here.

For this activity, I wanted to promote story telling as a learning tool.  We all love and learn through stories.  They help us remember, internalize, and act on important information.  This activity throws fourteen objects into a bag, and each object can then become the vehicle or memory tool for telling one of the stories surrounding the Easter season.

These objects tie in closely with the symbols used in The Way of Light Resurrection Eggs, but are a bit different and they aren't choking hazards if you are working with littles ;)

Here are the Stations of Light and an example of an object to go along with each.  I tried to get objects that were cheap and easy to find (or gave an example of a substitute).  You certainly can use your creative bone to come up with your own symbols for each story!

Station 1. Jesus rises from the dead
Print out and color this Alleluia! coloring page with the traditional Paschal Greeting on it.  (One of my students colored this one- isn't it lovely!) Link for the coloring page is at the bottom of the post.

Station 2. Women find the empty tomb
An empty Easter egg.  Or you could even fill it with Easter candy to show how good it was that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Station 3. The risen Lord appears to Mary Magdalene
A jar of holy water, reminding us of the tears she shed when she thought Jesus was gone as well as the waters of Baptism that allow us to be a part of the resurrection of the dead..

Station 4. The risen Lord appears on the road to Emmaus
A magnifying glass to remind us of the way Jesus showed the disciples things they had never "seen" or understood in the Scriptures about the Messiah.
Station 5. The risen Lord is recognized in the breaking of the bread
You could make this Monstrance Craft, or another project relating the Eucharist to the True Presence of Jesus.

Station 6. The risen Lord appears to the disciples in Jerusalem
Throw your favorite Saint books into the bag, especially any that include stories of the twelve Apostles or early disciples.

Station 7. The risen Lord gives the disciples the power to forgive
A strip of 2" wide purple makes a great priestly stole, reminding us of the Sacrament of Confession.

Station 8. The risen Lord strengthens the faith of Thomas
Got an extra glove or stray flip flop? Use those to remind them of the hands and feet of Jesus that St. Thomas wanted to see and touch after His Resurrection.

Station 9. The risen Lord meets the disciples on the shore of Lake Tiberius
Pipe cleaner Jesus fish!  Go here for more on its symbolism.

Station 10. The risen Lord confers primacy on Peter
You need a rock for this one.  Easy and free.

Station 11. The risen Lord sends the disciples into the whole world
I happen to have this awesome wooden globe from a project a few years ago-
...and it even opens up to reveal little people from around the world.  Perfect to explain how Jesus sent the Apostles to tell everyone everywhere the Good News.  I got it through Oriental Trading, but I don't think that it is available anymore.
If you can't find something like that, you could make a cheap and easy "globe" using a small green ball.
Take a blue Sharpie and create some oceans, leaving green behind as the land, and whhaallaa, you've got the whole world in your hand.

Station 12. The risen Lord ascends into heaven
I love this one.  Jesus ascends to heaven on a cloud, right?  So buy a 99cent white bath-net-sponge-thing, cut the cord off, and you have a cloud.

Station 13. Waiting with Mary in the Upper Room
Best way to wait with Mary?  The Rosary, of course.

Station 14. The risen Lord sends the Holy Spirit
And for the coming of the Holy Spirit, I threw in a battery operated candle.

Include a Way of Light mini book with each station, symbol, and Scripture listed in order to help tell the story. (Link at the bottom of post)

Throw it all in a tote bag- I used five minutes and some puff paint to label the blank side of a freebie tote bag.
Now as you read or tell the stories about the Easter season, associate each one with an object in the bag.  As you go, have the kids pull out the objects and relate each with the stories they know.  Eventually, you can use the objects to have the kids tell the story in their own words.

Here you go!  A great way to promote active story telling and memorization of the stories surrounding the season of Easter.

Click here for the Paschal Greeting coloring page:

You can find my other Way of Light Activities by clicking on these images:

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