Friday, May 19, 2017

This Happy Teacher

I'm a happy teacher.  I love my school, my coworkers, and my students.  I also love some of the tools I get to use as a teacher- shelves of books, new school supplies... and teacher bags.  We carry around a lot of stuff, therefore a good tote is important.  So even though it might be nearly the end of the school year, I 'm super happy that I found the perfect teacher bag and I have to tell you about it!  (Don't worry- this post isn't just for teachers- this bag would be perfect for college, as a carryall, the office, for a diaper bag, travel, etc.)

I'm picky about bags and purses and will look for a long time (ahem...years) before finally deciding and making a new purchase.  My former teacher bag had been looking fairly worn (and sad and threadbare and had a broken strap) and needed replaced.  I had some specific expectations that I was willing to wait for that included:
  -tall enough to easily carry file folders, notebooks, etc.
  -wide enough to fit my ancient & big 16" laptop
  -be able to carry my laptop AND all the papers I need to grade- not one or the other
  -slightly structured with some flexibility in the loads it could carry
  -zippered closure so I don't dump student work all over my backseat
  -large main compartment without separation and a few pockets for pens, etc.
  -leather.  I knew it would be pricey, but I was ready to invest.  I know leather will last, will age well, can be able to be repaired, and is timeless.
  -I originally wanted a cross body strap, but realized that was a little impractical and probably not as good on my back considering the weight I was going to load in it.

And guess what?  I found my perfect bag!

After looking and looking and not being 100% committed, I stumbled on this beauty on a site I had already been perusing.  She's called the Meles Leather Carryall and is from an awesome company called Fashionable.  Not only am I super happy with my bag, but I love that I found a company that is working to make local and global change to employ women around the world.  They carry totes, purses, jewelry, and shoes.  You can read more about their mission to impact those in poverty by providing empowering jobs on their website.

The leather is just so, so lovely.  It is thick and sturdy while also being soft and gently distressed and still has a rich true leather smell.  I know with care and conditioning it will look beautiful for a very long time.  I chose the cognac color (this bag also comes in black, pewter, and chocolate), which is complimented by the brass hardware and sweet rose lining.

I love that my bag stands solidly on its own when it is loaded up.  Originally, I was unsure about the cutouts on the corners, but they actually help the bag adjust to carrying wider or longer loads, which is really nice.  Since I gave up on finding a good cross body, I was super pleased that the nice long straps (an 11" drop) sit and stay put on my shoulder.

Pleeeeennnnnty of room for my laptop, cord, planner, lesson plan book, papers to grade, books to read, and approximately 28 pens.

Well, maybe not 28, but there are a lot of colored pens and Ticonderoga pencils and some Saint stickers for grading.

And there is one nice sized zipper pocket for all the little things I like to keep with me as I go back and forth to school.

Isn't it cute!  I often have buyers' remorse, but not with this bag.  I did snag a sale and free shipping, so that helped, but I am so happy with the quality  and their mission that I plan to keep Fashionable in mind for my next bag purchase.

Aaannnnd... if you've never purchased from Fashionable, go visit and sign up for $10 off your first purchase!  Here I am, teacher lanyard and word wall and all, to prove that this teacher is very, very happy with her purchase.

FYI- This post isn't sponsored- I purchased my own bag and those are my honest opinions.  Fashionable does offer an incentive for referrals, so if you make a qualifying purchase through my link, I earn a small referral rate at no cost to you.  Things like this keep us little bloggers going, so if you are looking for something special for yourself or as a gift, I'd love for you to go check them out! 

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