Friday, September 1, 2017

Liturgical Living: Liturgical Calendars

It might be just the beginning of the new school year, but it won't be long before we are rolling into a new Liturgical Year.  One of my favorite parts of being Catholic is living out the beautiful rhythm of the Liturgical Year.  The fasts and feasts, the orderly-ness, the life of Christ lived out in the Church- every Catholic can benefit from making the Liturgical Year more a part of their prayer and daily life.

I have a lot of ideas for living the Liturgical Year with kids (see all those posts here), but to be honest, I sometimes struggle with it as a single adult.  Cute crafts, special themed desserts, and family prayer activities are most meaningful for those in a particular state of life.  There many meaningful ways to live out the Liturgical Year while single or without young kids, but it looks different than the ideas typically shared across Catholic social media.  (Hmmmm, that sounds like a great new blog series...)

So with that background, I hope you understand why I am so excited about this resource for the new Liturgical Year.  TelosArt has created a set of simple, but beautiful, Liturgical Calendars for the 2017-2018 year.  This calendar would look lovely hung up in a home as well as in a school classroom, CCD room, RCIA meeting place, etc.  It is usable and attractive both for kids and adults, and packs tons of info within the clean design.  Liturgical seasons, dates, colors, feast days, and more is included on each calendar.

*TelosArt provided me with a free 2017-2018 Liturgical Calendar in exchange for an honest review. I only recommend things that I have used and love, and these opinions are entirely my own.

I love that this Liturical calendar isn't filled with cartoony illustrations or bright colors, making it difficult to decorate with anywhere but in an elementary classroom.  Instead, this calendar fits anywhere you'd like to add a reminder of the Liturgical Year.  Above you can see my temporary display (I'll find a permanent spot when the calendar actually starts with the first Sunday of Advent) including some art for the Saints of the month or the Season.  Here I'm celebrating the September Saints of Mother Teresa (printable here) and Padre Pio (postcard from here).  I think when I hang my new calendar in December, I'll continue to rotate out quotes and images to remind me of where we are in the Liturgical Year.

For more photos and examples of all the calendars TelosArt offers, visit their website here.  You can also find them on Etsy and Peter's Square.  As a teacher and DRE, I was also interested in getting these into our classrooms and the homes of our parishioners.  TelosArt was very gracious about working with us to make it affordable to buy multiple copies of the calendar for schools and parishes. You can view their bulk pricing here and contact them for more info.

I'm excited thinking about this new addition to my personal Liturgical living, as well as for all the ways I plan to use this calendar in my classroom.  Go visit TelosArt and see if their Liturgical Calendar could find a happy spot in your home or work!


  1. Another option for those who might like a little more color is the Year of Grace calendars. They come in different sizes and each year is illustrated with beautiful iconography from a different artist from a different part of the world. I've been buying them for several years now. I like the one you posted, because it is very spare and simple, but someone who likes things less so while still being appropriate for adults might enjoy these:

    They come in a two sizes, and there is the option to order them laminated as well.

    1. That's great! Thanks for the suggestion, Elizabeth!

  2. Will you be doing a new liturgical calendar for 2020?

    1. Hi! The calendar in this post was actually made by TelosArt, and I hope she does! But you are welcome to check with her shop, or send a suggestion on her website!