Monday, August 12, 2019

JMJ Printables and Fulton Sheen Bulletin Boards

“As a custom which started in kindergarten, I always wrote ‘JMJ’ at the top of the blackboard, as I do on every piece of paper before I write- and which I hope will someday be on my tombstone. In answer to many letters, the public finally recognized me and the words Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.”
From “Treasure in Clay: The Autobiography of Fulton J. Sheen”

You can read about Fulton Sheen's practice of writing "JMJ" at the top of his chalkboard in my upcoming Sheen Corner article in the Catholic Post.  I think that it would be a great habit to bring back in our Catholic schools, writing JMJ on our smartboards and teaching our students to write it on their homework as a way of dedicating our work to the Holy Family, asking their guidance and protection in all we say and do.

I've created a set of printables for you that have "JMJ" in Fulton Sheen's actual handwriting.  I've printed one and hung it in my classroom about the smartboard here, but I think they would also be great to hang above a family calendar, glue inside a student's school notebook, etc.

I also wanted to use Fulton Sheen to decorate my door as I welcome my students back to school in a few days, and thought I'd share with you how I made this quick sign that would easily double as a bulletin board decoration.

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Black poster board (or black bulletin board paper)
Woodgrain Contact Paper or Woodgrain washi tape or duct tape (I already had some contact paper from the dollar store and it worked perfectly)
JMJ printable (pdf at bottom of post)
Favorite picture of Sheen (ideas and links at bottom of post)

First, I laid out my supplies to see how everything would fit. I cut one length of the woodgrain contact paper a few inches longer than the length of the poster board.  Then I split the contact paper into four equal sized strips (with the convenient grid marks on the back). I folded them over the edges of the poster board to create clean edges that were fairly even.  

Then I glued on the JMJ and photo of Sheen, and lettered on one of my favorite quotes.

This concept can work for a door decoration like mine all the way up to a large bulletin board.

You can print and piece together a favorite photo of Fulton Sheen, or order a poster of Fulton Sheen.  A few of my favorites from these shops:
Catholic Paper Goods

And we haven't started yet, but for CCD, I plan to use these cute little chalkboard labels and mini chalkboards for the kids' names and for a "JMJ" craft: 
I'll post more pictures once we're all decorated!

We'll be using these room signs on the doors.  They list PreK-8th grade and a few other labels, but if you need a special room sign, feel free to email me at and I'll edit them for you! ;)

Click here for the JMJ printables (in Fulton Sheen's handwriting):

And visit my Etsy Shop for JMJ Vinyl Stickers and coming soon a JMJ Stamp!

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