Monday, December 9, 2019

Our Lady of Loreto Digital Scavenger Hunt

December 10th is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Loreto which Pope Francis has added to the Universal Calendar of the Roman Church, and yesterday opened a Jubilee Year of Loreto. The patronages of our Lady of Loreto are interesting: pilots, astronauts, and air travelers. These devotions arose because of a legend that says this house of Mary was "flown" by angels from the Holy Land to its current location in Italy. History actually connects the movement with a family named Angeli, meaning angels. ;)  You can read more about the Lauretan Year in this article

If you 'd like to keep your students up on current Catholic events or learn interesting facts about Our Lady of Loreto and the shrine, I've created a digital scavenger hunt using two articles, including a Vatican  press release. Based on the level of the text, I'd recommend it for 6th grade and up. When you click here, the scavenger hunt will open as a new copy, meaning you can make edits to the questions and see the responses. (However, make sure you don't send that link to your students- it will make another copy and you won't be able to see there results! If you aren't super familiar with Google Forms, there are lots of great how-tos here that can help you with ways to share depending on the tools you have available.)

I pray that the newly-universal feast and Jubilee year are an occasion to allow Mary to bring us closer to her Son, and hope this devotion offers that same opportunity to your students.