Wednesday, December 16, 2020

O Antiphons Projects {Free Printables, Bible Study, and Google Classroom Projects}

O come, O come, Emmanuel
And ransom captive Israel
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the Son of God appear
Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel

As the end of Advent draws near, I wanted to give my students a tool to help ready their hearts for Christmas. There is no better way to do that than with the O Antiphons! Packed with meaning from both the Old and New Testament, the O Antiphons have been prayed by Christians for over 1200 years. I created two Google Classroom assignments for my students to choose from, one more open ended and one more structured.

Both studies include:

  • O Antiphon Art
  • Background info on the O Antiphons
  • Links to videos to listen to the O Antiphons in both English and Latin
  • A chart with the English & Latin titles, dates, and Old & New Testament references
  • Links to O Antiphon printables (coloring pages/ornaments/etc.)
The Bible Study invites the student to read the Old Testament prophecy connected to the O Antiphon and then the New Testament fulfillment. The Creative Project allows the student to study one O Antiphon and create a unique reflection based on their skills and talents- art, poetry, video, news article, etc. If I were teaching in person right now, I probably would have done the Bible Study as a whole class, and then had the students complete the project on their own, but as they are working individually at home I set it up so they could choose.

I would expect either of these tasks to take my junior highers about 60-90 minutes, so this is a multi day assignment for them. You could shorten it by taking out slides, or spread out over several days. Remember the tasks can also be edited to simplify for younger students or enriched for older students. Make it work for your kids!

These were created in Google Slides because I will share them directly to Google Classroom for my students, but you also can download them and edit in PowerPoint to use or share as you need. (A few more details about that at the end of this post).

And FYI, there is a new section under the Sharing the Faith tab with all of the other editable Google Classroom assignments I've made available on the blog. ;)

Click here for the digital O Antiphon Bible Study:

Here's a little preview of the slides:

Click here for a more open ended project allowing the students to learn about the O Antiphons and then create a project like art, a poem, a video, news article, etc.

Here's a preview of the slides:

These activities originally began as a set of printables, which I added to the blog five years ago. If you'd rather have some coloring pages, I have them in several sizes. Each has the title of Jesus, the date, the Old and New Testament references, and an image. They are great as coloring pages, ornaments, gift tags, decorations, or Bible Journaling. Check out this post for the printables:

It includes a full size O Antiphon Coloring Book:
Click here for the 4-per-page mini book, which also make great ornaments or gift tags:

Or they are also available in a 2" size which are great for Bible Journaling or tiny ornaments.

I wish you a holy remainder of Advent and a very blessed Christmas!

~ ~ ~

A few notes about the digital versions: 

-These assignments were created in Google Slides with the intention of being assigned in Google Classroom. You can certainly download them in PowerPoint and send them through email, or whatever tool you are using to communicate with your students.

-They are totally editable. You just have to make a copy on Google Slides or download to PowerPoint before making any changes. Delete, change, add-- make them work for your kids. (If you request edit access on these files, I won't be able to grant it because it would change the master slides for everyone. You have to make a copy to make changes.)

***All of the resources needed for the tasks are readily available- like public websites or docs I've created. If you share the slides with your students, make sure that they can access all of the links as well. For example, if you have a closed Google Domain (many schools are) they will not be able to open any of the files I have linked because I am outside of their domain. You will have to make a copy, save in your own Google Drive, and link. (Unfortunately, I get A LOT of student access requests to docs shared by their teachers, but I can't even email them back because of domain permissions. It breaks my teacher heart to not be able to help them- so if you are in a closed Google Domain, please keep that in mind!)***


  1. Thank you! These will be decorating an advent bulletin board in my school :)

  2. Used these for a tag project with my older Sunday School kids this year. Thank you. These were a wonderful resource.