Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Resources for the Month of the Rosary {Including editable tools and Spanish Printables!}

October is the month of the Rosary, so it's a perfect opportunity to share this beautiful prayer with our kids and students. Rather than just pull out a Rosary and start reciting the prayers, I think we need to slow down and first share with them the why and the how and the meaning behind this tradition. With that knowledge, its much more likely the Rosary, whether prayed completely or a decade at a time, will impact kids and help them know the major stories from the life of Christ.

If you are teaching in the classroom, some of these printables or links hopefully will help you as you pray together with your students. If you are teaching virtually or providing support for at-home catechesis, this schedule is ready to email and provides guidance for how to learn about the Rosary. All of the linked printables and videos are free to access. I'm sharing two versions of the schedule-  one that is just broken down by a four week period, and one that is editable and can be used how ever you like.

Click here for a month long schedule:

Want to design your own schedule but not start from scratch? Click here for a version in Google Slides that you can make a copy of or edit and make your own: 

Click here for a printable with all the prayers of the Rosary:
If you print two sided, cut in half horizontally, stack, fold, and staple, you've got an easy little mini book.
If you can't print two sided, just cut all the cards apart, stack, and staple.

Click here for the same prayers of the Rosary in Spanish:

Click here for a set of cards with all the Mysteries and where to find them in the Bible:
If you cut this page in quarters, they will fit just right with the Rosary prayers mini book above.
Click here for the Mysteries in Spanish:

I also made this "review" sheet to use with my students. I had them try it off the top of their head to see what they had memorized, but then let them correct by checking it again their prayer books.
Click here to download it as a pdf, or click here to open it as a Google Slides file that you can edit.

Are you a classroom teacher who uses Google Classroom for quizzes? Here are a set of Google Forms with short quizzes on each set of Mysteries. (Note- these links will automatically open up as a fresh copy of the form. To use with students, save in your drive, edit as desired, and then use the regular sharing link to send to them, not the link below. Otherwise you'll get a new quiz every time a student opens it, and you won't have access to them ;) )

For Petitions to use with the Mysteries of the Rosary during the ongoing pandemic, available in both English and Spanish, click here:

Our Lady of the Rosary, Pray for us!