Sunday, August 27, 2023

Which Saint Said Which? Bulletin Board

I shared about this bulletin board on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and got lots of questions! The poster is from one of my favorite Catholic shops Friends in High Places. They are always coming up with something new and I love their unique style! I ordered this poster last year and just hadn't found the right place for it. It fits great in these narrow bulletin boards I have in the corners of my classroom, but needed a little something to make it fill the whole space. This is also right by the door, so I like to put something more "interactive" that the kids might see and talk about.

So I decided to pick a short quote from each of the Saints featured on the poster, put them in speech bubbles, and hang them around the perimeter of the poster... but I didn't cite who said what quote! So this way when students look at it they are trying to match the quote to the Saint based on quotes they have already heard, or what they know of their lives, etc. I've already had students guessing! We haven't done it yet, but I might make it a station activity or something to see how many they can match! (Typing that gave me an idea and I just added a blank version if you want to try it too!)

If you'd like to make something like this for your own students or kids, I totally encourage you to support FIHP and order a poster from them (no affiliate or incentive from me- I just really love their work!) but you could totally make something using just the speech bubbles on their own or with another piece of art of one or more of those Saints. 

Here are the printables I made to go along with the poster: 

Click here for the 20 Saint quote speech bubbles:

Click here for the names of all the Saints if you want to add them:

Click here for a single sheet with all the quotes and who said them:

(Hint, if you want to make this bigger than one sheet of paper, open in Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to print, and under "Page Size and Handling" choose "Poster." You can change the tile scale to print the document over multiple 8.5x11" pieces of paper and then tape together!)

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