I am available to come and share ideas about teaching the faith to kids with your group of catechists or teachers.  I have spoken to groups of 10-150, always address a spectrum of grade levels and learning styles, and bring lots of examples and projects.  When I speak, one of my primary goals is that the teachers in attendance walk out with at least one idea (and hopefully lots) that they can implement easily and quickly into their classrooms.

I make available the ideas that I share in my presentations here on my blog so there are not a bunch of individual links and resources to track down.  It is all about sharing the faith and enriching the experience that students have in our classrooms as they grow in knowledge and love of Christ and His Church.

Also, if you are interested in the Fulton Sheen Curriculum, the canonization process, and the alleged miracle submitted to the Vatican for Sheen's (possible) Beatification, Bonnie Engstrom of A Knotted Life and I are willing to travel and present together.  

If you are interested in having me come to your church or school, please contact me through the comment box here on the blog or at katherine (dot) bogner (at) gmail (dot) com.

Topics that I have presented on in the past:
-Fulton Sheen Curriculum
Check it out here. An article about my presentation at the CDOP Catechetical Conference can be found here.
-Teaching to the Multiple Intelligences
Ideas like here and here and here
-Teaching about the Mass
Ideas like here and here
-Choosing and Using Good Catholic Books
Using ideas like here and here
-Living the Liturgical Year
Practical hows and whys from here
-Bible Journaling Workshop
Examples here
-Our Mother Mary
Some examples of those activities can be found here and here and here.
-Using Technology in Catechetics
Take a look at this.
-Happy the Home
Encouraging parent involvement in Religious Ed- see some ideas here.
-I Believe! -Teaching the Creed
Using ideas like this and this and this.
-Hands on Ways to Meet the Content in Your Curriculum
...this could be my whole blog... you could pick the topic! Last time I did it geared to a particular grade level and set of curriculum guidelines.
-Ideas for Enriching Lent
Check out examples here and here and here.
-Fostering Prayer with Your Students
There are so many ideas for this topic- like this and this and this.
-A Rosary Celebration
Um...these presentations were before my blogging days, so I have to catch up on posting those activities.
-Teaching During the Year of Mercy
Using ideas like these.
-Making the Secular Holy
Covering stuff like this and this. Oh, and I love this and the other books I did it for.
-Catechist and Program Formation
Practicals like this and this and this.


  1. Hi. I love your blog. I help with an organization called Friends of Jesus and Mary which has prayer groups for children. We have a website under the Florida Center for Peace (www.fcpeace.com) We love your Holy Door activity and want to use it in our monthly package that we publish on the website. Can we use it? What procedure is necessary. Please advise. Blessings, Maria

    1. Hi Maria! I would be honored if you included the holy door project as a resource. All I ask is that you include looktohimandberadiant.blogspot.com as attribution on the pages and you email me a link of the final project. Thanks for sharing the Year of Mercy!

  2. Hi Katie! I'm trying to figure out how to contact you :) What is your email address? Mine is prayerwinechocolate@gmail.com

    1. Hi Amy! I sent you a message through instagram- sorry if it didn't come through. My email is katherine (dot) bogner (at) gmail (dot) com.

  3. Hi Katie,
    I just got your email where you explain about your prayer book collection. I love the idea of keeping prayers all in one neat place. I teach religion to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. I would love to get a copy of your ebook, but not sure how to get. I love your blog, it has really helped me put together so many lessons.
    Thank you for sharing your gift!

    1. Hi Diana! I'd love to share! If you already an email subscriber, you should have received it this summer- sorry you missed it! Can you send me an email to looktohimandberadiant (at) blogspot (dot) com from the email you subscribed with and I'll send you a copy. Thanks!

  4. Hi Katie!
    I just found this resource this morning - and I LOVE it! I see that you wrote as recently as September of this year on the Gospel's - I help write the Sunday Gospel Activities for Catholicmom - would you like me to include a link to this site? I am excited to use some of your resources for my 6th grade class - which I am struggling with!! These resources are terrific.

    1. Would be happy to have you share! Thank you!