Saturday, February 18, 2023

Visio Divina with Bl. Fra Angelico

Today is the Feast Day of Blessed Fra Angelico. Known far outside just Catholic circles for his beautiful frescos and incredible talent as a painter, he was a Dominican friar who found his inspiration from his faith. Born in 1395 as Guido di Pietro and died in 1455, he was just officially beatified in 1982 by Pope John Paul II. At his beatification, JP2 said, "Fra Angelico, by consecrating himself to God, succeeded in becoming more man, not only with others but for others. His works are a perennial message of living Christianity, and at the same time a highly human message, based on the transhumanizing power of religion, by virtue of which every man who comes in contact with God and his mysteries becomes similar to him in holiness, in beauty, in bliss; that is, a man according to the primordial designs of his Creator."

I think that the occasion of his feast day is a perfect time to do some prayerful Visio Divina with some of Fra Angelico's work. I've pulled together a selection for you here, but you can find tons more in the public domain. Pull them up on your tv or smart board to examine more closely, and you can use these Visio Divina guides if they are helpful!

Click here for the Visio Divina guide for older kids:
Click here for the general Visio Divina steps:
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