Monthly Roundups

Hello friends! I set a goal to offer some new organization on the dear old blog during 2022- While the search feature is handy and the Liturgical Year tab is helpful, sometimes you just need a month at a glance to see what feast days and celebrations and seasons and themes are coming up. After ten years of blogging, there is so much content here that I want to make sure we are not missing out on anything. You can find the links to the monthly posts here:


July 2024 Radiant Roundup

August 2024 Radiant Roundup

September 2024 Radiant Roundup

October 2024 Radiant Roundup

November 2024 Radiant Roundup

December 2024 Radiant Roundup



March 2022 Radiant Roundup

April 2022 Radiant Roundup

May 2022 Radiant Roundup

June 2022 Radiant Roundup

July 2022 Radiant Roundup

August 2022 Radiant Roundup

September 2022 Radiant Roundup

October 2022 Radiant Roundup

November 2022 Radiant Roundup

December 2022 Radiant Roundup


  1. I am looking forward to October!! thank you so much for sharing your organization and resources, truly a saint! I cannot believe I don't have to pay for this! I will be buying all my amazon books through your links!!

  2. Hi! I am looking forward to this year's February! Will it be coming out soon? Thank you for all that you do!

    1. Hi! Yes, I'm sorry-it's in the regular blog posts, but I forgot to update the list here. You can find the post at this link:
      or the Lent roundup here:
      And one other idea is to sign up for my monthly newsletter and then you'll never miss an update!