Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ideas for Lent

Here are links to all of the Lent resources that I have previously posted about.  Click on the pictures to go to the original post with instructions and printables.

Lent Notes Foldable:

Lent Word Cloud printable:

What does Lent Look Like?  Printable coloring page:

Give Up & Take Up youth lesson on Lenten Sacrifices. 
***This post also contains links to some of my favorite Lenten videos and online resources.

Youth Group lesson connecting the Stations of the Cross and Lenten acts of mercy:

Youth Group lesson connection the Passover and the Passion, using the movie Prince of Egypt:

The Gospel in an Eggshell: Connecting the infant Christ with the Christ that died to give us eternal life- great especially as we have such a short time between Christmas and Lent.

 Ideas for making your own Resurrection Eggs, which are great to tell the story of Holy Week:

New Life Seed Printable:
Great for making the connection to "unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it bears no fruit."  Plant the seeds, see them die, have flowers by Easter!


  1. These are great ideas for Lenten activities! I teach 2nd grade RE and it's hard to keep them interested sometimes. I think some of these will really help. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Katie for sharing so many activities. I can't wait to use them for Lent!

  3. Katie, you are so generous to share your teaching materials. Thank you so very much. God bless you

  4. Gracias me es de mucha ayuda¡ congratulations¡¡ :)

  5. You’re ideas are so inspiring. Thank you.