Monday, February 6, 2023

February Radiant Roundup

Happy February! We welcome in the month of the Holy Family during this short chunk of Ordinary Time. Here are some resources to enrich your home or classroom this month, including a look ahead at Lent, which begins on February 22nd!
Resources with a * mean that they contain free printables (or shareable digital files).

Month of the Holy Family:

St. Abigail (St. Gobnait): February 11th
St. Abigail coloring pages*

St. Valentine: February 14th
Saintly Friends Bingo Game*

Bl. Fra Angelico: February 18th
Lent: Begins on February 22nd
Lent: Ideas for 40 Days* (Round-up Post of Links)
Lent Looks Different (Classroom decorations)
What Lent Looks Like* Coloring Page/Printable
What the Triduum Looks Like* Coloring Page/Printable
Lent: Pray, Fast, Give Foldable* (Also in Spanish)
Lenten Prayer Challenge Board* (Also editable)
Holy Week Family Retreat & Journal* (In English, Spanish, and French, and with an editable schedule)
Lent Family Weekly Plan*- Sunday Gospels and Fasting/Giving using the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy (editable)

Click here for a list of great books for Catholic kids in February:

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