Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Holy Family Hearts Embroidery Pattern

Embroidery has become by favorite summer time craft.  I love that it is simple, inexpensive, and travels well.  It's also a great activity that can be done while sitting and talking with a friend, which basically makes me want to be a character in a Jane Austen novel. ;)

I made a mulit media hoop of the Holy Family Hearts on whim earlier this year, and it got a ton of love on Instagram, and then I made another one for the Beautiful Things giveaway this summer, and recently made some small versions as gifts.  I've used a combination of embroidery floss, felt, and watercolor making each set of the hearts a little unique.  I love the free form creativity of it- I didn't start with a sketch or a pattern, just started working and was happy with what found a home on the hoop (after, well, ripping out a few stitches, of course).

And many, many people have asked if this is a product that I'd be willing to offer in my Etsy shop, but it's just not something that I think I'll ever do.  Embroidery has a low overhead but requires a lot of hours, and I don't want to take the joy out of it by trying to mass produce things.

However, a lot of people have also asked about a pattern, and that I am happy to share!  And I have it ready for you today for free!  I'm by no means an experienced pattern maker, but it contains color photos of different versions, a supply list, suggested steps, a key to the stitches I used, and patterns to cut out and trace for two different sized hoops.

If you aren't familiar with a few basic embroidery stitches (I used the straight stitch, backstitch, lazy daisy, spiderweb roses, satin stitch, and French knots) I totally recommend watching youtube videos to get the hang of them.  The beauty of this pattern is that you can make it your own, with your unique style, colors, and details. I'm thinking next time I might add some beading...

If you decide to make your own Holy Family Hearts embroidery, I'd love to see it!  Email me at looktohimandberadiant (at) gmail (dot) com, or if you post it on Instagram tag me @katherine.bogner and use #holyfamilyhearts.  I can't wait to see what you create!

Click here for the free printable pattern:

And if embroidery isn't your thing, I also have tons of versions of free coloring pages and prayer cards for the Holy Family Hearts, as well as lots of Holy Family Hearts items in my Etsy Shop:

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“I wish to invoke the protection of the Holy Family of Nazareth…it is therefore the prototype and example for all Christian families…St. Joseph was a “just man”…may he always guard, protect and enlighten families. May the Virgin Mary, who is the Mother of the Church, also be the Mother of “the Church of the home”…May Christ the Lord, the Universal King, the King of Families, be present in every Christian home as He was at Cana, bestowing light, joy, serenity, and strength”
~St. John Paul II

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