Scrolling and searching to plan lessons and liturgical living can take a ton of time! I've started offering a monthly newsletter to help simplify pulling together resources and make sure you don't miss anything important from the hundreds of posts here at Look to Him and Be Radiant.

Once a month, my subscription list will receive a newsletter with the Radiant Roundup- a collection of ideas to help you learn and pray and celebrate the coming month. It will include links to blog posts with free resources and tools, a Catholic kids book list, and a highlight from the archives you might like. Short and sweet! You can sign up here:  

(A quick note to help problem solve: Internet rules require a double verification for email subscriptions. After entering your email address and checking the box above, you then need to check your email Inbox for an email from hello (at) with "Yay! You're on the list!" in the subject line. In that email, you will need to verify your subscription with a single click, and then a box will pop up with the link to the Prayer Card Collection. Please download, save, or bookmark the ebook to be able to access it later. 

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Subscribers will also receive the free 160 page Prayer Card Collection ebook and access to an organized folder of all of the individual prayer cards!

I've used these prayer cards as a teacher consistently for ten years. Here are a few reasons I love them:
-they are a uniform size which makes for easy printing, cutting, or storing (they fit great in a 4x6" photo album or magnetic frames, for example!)
-they help aid students to memorize new prayers and review prayers they have formerly learned
-they can create a great resource for private prayer time or adoration
-there are both prayer cards and mini books in the ebook- including Bible studies, devotions, and liturgical celebration tools
-the prayer cards features original illustrations that can be fun to color, making the prayers more memorable and easier to locate in a collection
-even I am excited that they are now all organized in one place so that I can pull out the book and print exactly what I need (I seriously use this ebook all of the time!)

Thanks for staying in the loop and being part of the LHBR community!


  1. Hi Katie,
    Does Lagron Miller carry your new book - We Have A Pope?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for asking! Lagron Miller does carry my books, but I don't know if they have We Have a Pope in stock. Best bet is to call and check, and regardless they can always order it for you- saves you the shipping and still supports a local business!