Sunday, January 30, 2022

January Radiant Roundup: Resources for the Month!

Hello friends! I set a goal to offer some new organization on the dear old blog during 2022- While the search feature is handy and the Liturgical Year tab is helpful, sometimes you just need a month at a glance to see what feast days and celebrations and seasons and themes are coming up. After ten years of blogging, there is so much content here that I want to make sure we are not missing out on anything (And this will help me move some NEW resources out of my drafts folder too!) I got a little behind starting off in January, but still compiled this list for good measure and so that I can begin the monthly catalogue. I'll be back in a couple of days with the February Roundup and then hope to post them a week in advance so you can plan ahead. Happy New Year!

Resources with a * mean that they contain free printables (or shareable digital files).

Month of the Most Holy Name of Jesus: Feast Day January 3rd
Names of Jesus Mini Poster* 

Mary, Mother of God: January 1st
Marian Ideas Collection* 

Epiphany: First Sunday after January 1st (traditionally January 6th)
Epiphany Home Blessing Kit*
Gifts of the Magi Bible Study* (Google Classroom Assignment)

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: January 4th
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Mini Study (Google Classroom Assignment)

Ordinary Time is perfect for growing in the virtues!
Virtues & Saints Bible Study* 3 guides for the Theological Virtues
Virtues & Saints Bible Study* 4 guides for the Cardinal Virtues

St. Thomas Aquinas: January 28th
St. Thomas Aquinas Mini Study* (Google Classroom Assignment)

St. John Bosco: January 31st
St. John Bosco Mini Study* (Google Classroom Assignment)

Resources for a New Year:
Start the year off with weekly readings and reflections with my books!
Through the Year With Jesus

Traditional Catholic Monthly Devotions:
Monthly Devotion Calendar Signs*

And I'll be back asap with February!