Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Saint Pennants {Perfect for Catholic Schools Week or Confirmation!}

It's almost Catholic Schools Week, and I am so excited to share this new resource with you to celebrate!

In honor of the patrons that my students chose as their Confirmation Saints, I like to hang up a display/bulletin board as we draw close to their reception of the Sacrament. Last year I made this "polaroid" display. This year I was inspired to play off their love of sports and teams to create these Saint pennants- and my students really seemed impressed (something that's often hard to do with a group of 8th graders!) I also plan on showing them one of my favorite Fr. Mike Schmitz videos, which has a great story about the Saints who help us run our race, the great cloud of witnesses that cheers us on along our journey to Heaven.

The pennants make a great inspirational Saint/Confirmation display, or will be perfect for all Saints day, or you can just pull out a few to decorate your classroom or kids' rooms with their favorite patrons. I taped ours on the wall around our classroom door, but they also look super fun hung from a string like a banner.

If you don't have access to a color printer, look into your local office stores. That's where I had mine printed, and even on cardstock, and it only cost $10!

To create a center for the display on our classroom door, and to remind the kids to be praying for receptivity to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I used the "Come Holy Spirit" pennant included in the set as a template and traced it on larger paper.

I added a few extra Saints and made the color scheme a little more cohesive (the students had individually chosen their own colors for their pennants), so this printable has fifty 10" Saint pennants read for you to print and enjoy!

Click here for the printable:

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I can't share the original file because formatting wouldn't transfer, but I just made a similar banner in Google Slides so you can add a Saint that isn't in the collection. Click on the image below and save the file to your own Google Slides. Then edit the Saint name, colors, etc.

And here is a black and white colorable set:

And one more update, here's a cute mini version to make small banners:


  1. Thank you for sharing this!! I saved the version that can be edited to My Drive, but it says that I can only comment on it. Did I miss a step? Thanks!

    1. You just need to make a copy of it so you can edit it- the one in your Google Drive is still the original. Go to File-Make a Copy and then you'll have your own to edit!

  2. I absolutely love these and can't wait to use them at an upcoming Confirmation retreat.
    I was wondering what the font you used on the original set?
    I'd love to download the font and create more pennants of our parish patrons.
    Thank you for sharing your work. It's such a gift and I'm sure it will aid the experience of our teens.

    1. The fonts I used are Garment District and Messenger :)
      Glad you like them!

    2. Thank you! They are perfect!

  3. Katie, you continue to be super cool. B-) Can't wait to give these to our candidates at an upcoming session on Praying with the Saints! :)

  4. Thank you so much for your generosity. We will use these as part of our theme for the next school year.