Saturday, October 1, 2022

Updated and Expanded Prayer Card Collection ebook

Have you ever wanted your kids to start learning a new prayer, or you realize that today is is a special feast day, so then you go google a particular prayer, copy and paste the text, try to format the font and spacing to be readable, change the margins to try and not waste paper, then print, usually with something wonky, trim and trim and trim, and use the prayer page, just to see them lost or thrown away? It can't be just me! I want to simplify teaching kids the beautiful memorized and communal prayers of our Church, so I started making prayer cards of uniform size and design to use in my classroom.

Back in 2016, I compiled a huge ebook with over 90 pages of prayer cards and offered them to my subscribers. It has been a super popular resource and was long overdue for an update!

These prayer cards were first created because I saw a need with my 5th grade students, and over a decade later they remain a resource which is used daily in my junior high classroom. As parents, catechists, and teachers, we strive to create prayer experiences for kids that help them develop their relationship with Jesus. We also want to give them a solid foundation on memorized prayer, which allows them to participate in communal life as well as give tools that can be used for a lifetime. I want to share these prayer cards and mini books so that you can help the kids in your life (and yourself) to go deeper in the wealth of prayers that the Church offers us, and as a result know and love Christ more deeply!

The second edition of the Prayer Cards Collection is ready for you, updated with a few corrections, more consistent fonts, more artwork, and almost double the resources. Many of these printables can be found somewhere on my blog, but not in this easy-to-print format. In the ebook they are all organized in one place for you, making it as simple as possible to add in new prayers to your home or classroom.

I've used these prayer cards as a teacher consistently for ten years. Here are a few reasons I love them:
-they are a uniform size which makes for easy printing, cutting, or storing (they fit great in a 4x6" photo album or magnetic frames, for example!)
-they help aid students to memorize new prayers and review prayers they have formerly learned
-they can create a great resource for private prayer time or adoration
-there are both prayer cards and mini books in the ebook- including Bible studies, devotions, and liturgical celebration tools
-the prayer cards features original illustrations that can be fun to color, making the prayers more memorable and easier to locate in a collection
-even I am excited that they are now all organized in one place so that I can pull out the book and print exactly what I need (I seriously use this ebook all of the time!)

If you are curious about what is included, here's the table of contents: 

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Another bonus feature I'm offering my subscribers is access to a Google Drive folder with all of the prayer cards saved as individual files. Instead of opening the giant ebook, you can just download and print the prayer you are ready to use. 

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I pray that the Prayer Card Collection and the Radiant Roundup are an effective way for you to bring the truth, goodness, and beauty of our Catholic faith alive with your family or students!


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    Your material has been so incredibly beneficial in my planning for next school year! I cannot thank you enough!