Youth Group

Looking for some great resources or use with your Middle or High Schooler Youth Group?
Want your lessons and activities to be relevant with a distinctly Catholic flavor?
Or are you looking for personal or small group Bible Study resources?
I hope that you can find some great resources here!

Check back for new posts, and if you have a specific idea that you are looking for, feel free to leave me a message in the com box.

Studying Scripture:
Lectio Divina with Kids Printables*
Lectio Divina Graphic Organizer*
Lectio Divina Bookmarks*
Structure of the Bible Printables*
Teaching about the Parables Bible Studies*

Bible Journaling:
Best Pens for the Catholic Journaling Bible
Color and Creativity in a Journaling Bible
Transfer and Tracing Techniques in a Journaling Bible
Tips, Tools, and Ideas for Personal Bible Study
Adding Art to a Non-Journaling Bible
Easter Bible Journaling- Road to Emmaus Open Journey Kit
Sunday Readings Scripture Doodles 2015-2016
Sunday Readings Scripture Doodles 2016-2017
Sunday Readings Scripture Doodles 2017-2018

Virtues & Saints Bible Study*- 3 guides for the virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity
Virtues & Saints Bible Study*- 4 guides for the virtues of Temperance, Prudence, Fortitude, and Justice.

The Way of Light Adult (or Teen) Seven Part Bible Study*

Women of the Resurrection Adult (or Teen) Seven Part Bible Study* (with coloring pages!)

The Cafeteria is Closed Series- Overview
Unfortunately, I never finished blogging about this awesome series, but I am happy to share all of the resources, printables, and prayer cards with you here.

Thoughts on my successes and failures leading a Youth Group

Youth Group Lessons:
Built on the Rock Object Lesson
Discussion Guide for the Movie Noah
Leadership: Josiah and St. Peter
Integrity: Ruth and St. Therese
Heroism: Esther and St. Bernadette 
Surrender: St. Paul and St. Francis
Discipleship: Mary 
Trust: Daniel and John XXIII
Advent Today
Third Roman Missal Youth Handbook
Pro Life
Tactile Prayer Station
Connecting the Passover and the Passion
Lent Youth Group Videos, Links, and Lessons
Debunking Resurrection Theories
Lectio Divina Book Marks*
Who Do You Follow?  Using technology to know, love and serve God
Bible Story Post It Flip Books

Beach Ball Icebreakers
Christian Concert Scavenger Hunt 
Wacky Biblical Skits
Hike Photo Scavenger Hunt

Other Topics:
Fulton Sheen Activities
Spiritual Adoption
Touch of Life Fetal Models
Spiritual Adoption Update Postcards
Using a Multiple Intelligence Approach to Religious Education
Making Secular Movies Holy
Using Technology in Religious Ed  


  1. Looking for topics on chasity and morality, any ideas or suggestions thanks! for teen youth group ages 13-17

    1. I highly recommend The Theology of the Body for Teens:

  2. your blog is awesome. I use a lot of your ideas in my religion class

  3. Hello your blog is wonderful! I would like to lead a discussion group on the book of John. Do you have anything or suggestions?

    1. Hi Donna! I don't have any resources specifically tailored to John, but I would highly recommend using a Lectio Divina style for discussion and prayer. I have a set of Lectio bookmarks posted here that would get you started, and I recommend this article for further reading.
      Lectio Divina Bookmarks
      USCCB on Lectio Divina

      If you are looking for something more structured, Ascension Press has a study on the Gospel of John, and while I haven't done this particular study, I've used about ten of their other programs and can'y recommend them enough.
      Ascension Press Gospel of John Study
      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions!

  4. Wow! This is wonderful! Do you have resources for young adult bible studies during the season of lent?

    1. Hi Lauren! I have a three week Bible Study covering the days of Holy Week that you definitely could use in Lent. I don't have it posted on the blog, but if you email me at looktohimandberadiant (at) I'd be happy to send it to you!

  5. I saw your Using a Multiple Intelligence Approach to Religious Education activity on instagram but am having trouble finding it. help!

    1. Of course! If you click on the Sharing the Faith tab, then scroll down, and there is a heading on the Multiple Intelligences with all the links. Let me know if you need any more help.

  6. YOU are the best my teachers pick you in religon.

  7. The multiple intelligences link is giving an error. Do you have an updated one?