Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Names of God: The Blessed Trinity Graphic Organizer

January is dedicated to the Most Holy Name of Jesus.  As an opening activity after our school's morning prayer announcements (themed right now about the Names of Jesus), I asked my students how many names of Jesus they could think of- so they brainstormed and shared some of their favorite titles. Then , because we are preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation, I asked them what other names they knew for the Holy Spirit... and they came up empty.  So I decided we needed a new tool to extend our discussion!

This simple graphic organizer could be used in lots of different ways:
-Give the students a blank copy and see how many names they can write within a certain time limit
-Then have the students share their ideas and "steal" from friends, expanding their lists
-Have them choose one name for each Person in the Blessed Trinity and research where it is used in the Bible
-Choose a name from the page and research what it means, and then write an original prayer using that title
-Discuss why we have been given so many Names for God
-Ponder and pray about the Mystery of the Trinity- Three Persons in One God

Click here to print the Blessed Trinity Graphic Organizer:

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