Thursday, April 29, 2021

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue: Tons of Ideas for Celebrating Mary in May!

In honor of this month of Our Lady, I've collected a whole series of posts with tons of ideas for teaching kids about Mary- and through her, modeling Christian life, prayer, generosity, and virtue.

Click on any of the pictures below to take you to a post with more info, ideas, printables, and pictures.

Easily sharable collection of over 30 free activities:

Names of Mary Bookmarks:

Marian Digital Scavenger Hunt (Editable & Google Classroom Ready):

Make Your Own Marian Shrine/May Crowning in color:

and Black & White:

Marian Apparition Investigation:

Seven Sorrows of Mary Scriptural Reflection:

Our Lady of Loreto Digital Scavenger Hunt (Google Forms):

Marian Music Playlist:

Favorite Books About Mary:

Hail Mary Sort Cards:

Angelus Mini Book:

Regina Coeli Mini Book:

Holy Family Hearts Coloring Page and Prayer Cards:

Immaculate Heart of Mary Coloring Pages and Prayer Cards:

Immaculate Heart of Mary and Seven Sorrows Coloring Page:

Mary as the Moon Coloring Page:

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue Coloring Page:

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue Retreat:

My Soul Magnifies the Lord Theme:

Marian Bulletin Board:

Mary, Mother of the Church Feast Day

Mary Garden Plant Labels:

Mini Mary Flipbooks:

Notebook Marian Shrine:

Marian Prayers Flipbook:

Marian Typology Info Cards:

Mary & Discipleship Youth Bible Study:

Family Marian Shrine:

World Mission Rosary:

Brown Scapular Resources:

Lovely Lady, dressed in blue, teach me how to pray.
God was just your little boy, and you know the way.


  1. Hi Katie,

    Your website is great! I have a problem, though. I downloaded one of your resources, but closed out the page without getting the instructions on how it goes together. I haven't been able to locate it again, and I hope you can help me. The cover says "The Mass: Do This in Memory of Me" with a picture of a chalice on it. Can you give me the right link, please?


  2. This one?