Thursday, April 29, 2021

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue: Tons of Ideas for Celebrating Mary in May!

In honor of this month of Our Lady, I've collected a whole series of posts with tons of ideas for teaching kids about Mary- and through her, modeling Christian life, prayer, generosity, and virtue.

Click on any of the pictures below to take you to a post with more info, ideas, printables, and pictures.

Easily sharable collection of over 30 free activities:

Names of Mary Bookmarks:

Marian Digital Scavenger Hunt (Editable & Google Classroom Ready):

Make Your Own Marian Shrine/May Crowning in color:

and Black & White:

Marian Apparition Investigation:

Seven Sorrows of Mary Scriptural Reflection:

Our Lady of Loreto Digital Scavenger Hunt (Google Forms):

Marian Music Playlist:

Favorite Books About Mary:

Hail Mary Sort Cards:

Angelus Mini Book:

Regina Coeli Mini Book:

Holy Family Hearts Coloring Page and Prayer Cards:

Immaculate Heart of Mary Coloring Pages and Prayer Cards:

Immaculate Heart of Mary and Seven Sorrows Coloring Page:

Mary as the Moon Coloring Page:

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue Coloring Page:

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue Retreat:

My Soul Magnifies the Lord Theme:

Marian Bulletin Board:

Mary, Mother of the Church Feast Day

Mary Garden Plant Labels:

Mini Mary Flipbooks:

Notebook Marian Shrine:

Marian Prayers Flipbook:

Marian Typology Info Cards:

Mary & Discipleship Youth Bible Study:

Family Marian Shrine:

World Mission Rosary:

Brown Scapular Resources:

Lovely Lady, dressed in blue, teach me how to pray.
God was just your little boy, and you know the way.


  1. Hi Katie,

    Your website is great! I have a problem, though. I downloaded one of your resources, but closed out the page without getting the instructions on how it goes together. I haven't been able to locate it again, and I hope you can help me. The cover says "The Mass: Do This in Memory of Me" with a picture of a chalice on it. Can you give me the right link, please?


  2. This one?

    1. Yes, this one. I'm sorry I didn't discover your replay until now.

  3. There is a huge theological error on your card on Discipleship! "Hail highly favored one" is a line from the Protestant versions of the Bible, and alas, some poor Catholic books and even Bibles. But the actual words that the Catholic church teaches are Ave Maria gratia Plena "Hail Mary, full of grace." This may not seem like a huge difference on the surface, but it highlights who Mary is. Her name is grace. She is not only favoured, she is Full of grace. She has every grace in its fullness. She is the Immaculate Conception, the woman foretold from the beginning, revealed in the fullness of time. Hence, she is as St. Alphonsus says, the Mother of Grace, since, being Full of grace, all graces from God flow through her hands (a very tough teaching to accept for some). Ave Maria Gratia Plena is the angel revealing that Mary is also the New Eve, as foretold back in the Garden of Eden "I will put enmity between you and the woman..."

    1. Hi! Thank you for taking the time to comment. As I intend for these resources to be used in homes and classrooms to teach the faith, it is very important to me that they be free of error and completely faithful to the Catholic Church. Any wording here is not in any meant to distract from the teachings you have outlined about Mary. However, the verse that you are referring to does actually read "Hail, favored one" in the NABRE translation of the Bible- which is approved by the USCCB and the translation used for the Liturgy.
      In this case, I do agree that the translation of the RSVCE is more clear about what we believe, but using the NABRE has been approved- and was the version of the Bible that was being used by the students for this activity.
      I hope that clarifies the choice of wording here.