Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling has been a great gift to my prayer life. Using the creativity given to me by the Creator, it has been a joy to interact with the God and rest in His presence. Studying the Bible to know and understand  the stories is how I first fell in love with Scripture, and that type of prayerful reading is crucial to our faith. But I've also discovered that adding lettering and art into my Bible has helped me to slow down and not only know the words but more importantly to know the Word of God.

Indeed, the word of God is living and effective, sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating even between soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and able to discern reflections and thoughts of the heart.  ~Hebrews 4:12

To get started Bible Journaling, you'll need:
-Your Bible (any Bible!)
-A journal, notebook, or paper
-Pencil, pen, or other art supplies
That's it! Interacting with the Word of God can happen with just those tools. As you read your Bible, use the notebook/paper/sticky note/etc. to write your thoughts, a prayer, questions, or a favorite verse. You can also get creative and write out a verse in fancy letters, draw or paint an illustration, or add in lovely holy cards, stickers, washi tape or other decor.

My Favorite Tools:
If you want to continue to develop your Bible Journaling, these are my favorite supplies that I've been using over the past two years specifically for adding art in a journaling Bible. 
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This list contains affiliate links to both Blessed is She and Amazon, meaning I earn a commission on qualifying purchases.
-Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens
-Sakura Micron Pigma Pens (Various Sizes)
-Sakura Micron Graphic 1
-Light Tracing Board
-Full Page Sticker Sheets (print images or words, cut out, and stick in! Also great for creating art on first and then adding to a Bible to prevent bleeding, damage, etc.)
-Pencil sharpener
-Ticonderoga Pencils
-Small Ruler
-Washi Tape like this
-Staedler and Crayola Colored Pencils
-Vellum like this or this or this
-Graph Paper
-Erasable Carbon Paper

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  1. So HAPPY to find a Catholic girl who does Bible journaling!
    Love it! Thank you for sharing honey! xoxo

  2. I see that your Etsy store is on break at the moment. Are you going to be back up and running there soon, or will you be using a different platform?

    1. Hi! No, I do not plan to reopen my Etsy shop. I don't have the bandwidth to meet the demand for the stamps, but I have been sharing the margin stickers as free downloads with my email subscribers. If there is something that you were looking for in particular, feel free to send me an email at hello (at) looktohimandberadiant (dot) com and I'll do my best to help!