Friday, November 11, 2011

Free (& legal) music

Living on a budget has its ups and downs, and one thing that I have been craving is some new music.  However even $.99 in itunes adds up pretty fast.

I thought that I might share with you some places that I have found free and legal music.  So if you are itching for a new dance tune, something slow and soothing, or even some new Christmas music, here are some places to try.

Air 1 Radio Station features a free song each week from Contemporary Christian groups like Plumb, The City Harmonic, Press Play, Sixteen Cities, etc.  Here is this week's free song available to download:

Sometimes you can get free Christian music through Group Tune, and if not, there are lots of great discounts.  For five more days, you can get two Marian Grace Albums for $10.  If you sign up for email updates, they will let you know when more deals become available.

I can't find a good You Tube video just featuring their music, but they were featured on a recent episode of EWTNs Life on the Rock.  They are bringing new life to beautiful, ancient hymns and prayer.  You can see them in this video starting at around minute ten.

And finally, my favorite new addiction is Noise Trade.  It features ALL.KINDS.OF.MUSIC for FREE download- you even have the option of giving the artists a tip.  Sometimes new artists use it to get their music out there, like Andrew and HannahMarian Grace even has a couple of songs from their newest album. Sometimes well known artists share a track off a new album, or maybe even an entire album, like this collection from Jars of Clay.  There are even worship albums put out by churches.  I found a lot of good ones, but this is a new one I just downloaded from Sanctuary Band.  And I am currently in love with The Steel Wheels.  You can search by artist, genre, top downloads, or even for someone similar to an artist you are already a fan of.  I love it.  You should give it a try.

How do you fill your music cravings on a budget?

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