Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Last Day of School Signs

You guys loved the First Day of School signs I made last fall, so at a friend's suggestion I made a set of Last Day signs right away... and then I almost forgot to share them with you! ;)

Here are these easy to print, cute to photograph, Catholic identity filled signs, as well as an end of school survey that would be fun to keep and compare from year to year!

We look back with gratitude on the blessings of this school year, and ask for the Lord's guidance and wisdom looking ahead!

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

May Radiant Roundup

May is flying by! There are so many things to celebrate during this time of year- I know I have been busy with Confirmations and First Communions, and my 8th graders are wrapping up their school year and looking toward graduation. There are so many things to savor about this busy month, including the continuation of the Easter Season, the month of Our Lady, and the Solemnity of Pentecost just to name a few! Click below on any of the links to help you learn and pray this month.

️️️5/1:-St. Joseph the Worker
St. Joseph Idea Collection* (all ages)
St. Joseph Mini Study (junior high & up)
St. Joseph Clickable Activity Menu (all ages)

5/8 Fulton Sheen's Birthday
Teaching with Fulton Sheen Curriculum* (all ages)

5/10- Saint Damien de Veuster of Moloka'i

5/13- Our Lady of Fatima
Our Lady of Fatima Block Print*

5/15- St. Isidore the Farmer
Angelus Print*- use this as a tool for praying for all farmers and agricultural workers!

5/16- St. Simon Stock
St. Simon Stock & Brown Scapular Unit* (4th-6th grade)

5/18 or 5/21 The Ascension
A great day to celebrate the Four Marks of the Church!*

The Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Marian Idea Collection* (all ages)
My Book, Through the Year with Mary, and bonus activity pages* (all ages)
Shareable List of 30 Ideas for Celebrating Mary (all ages)
Mary and the Saints Idea Board on Pinterest
Make Your Own Marian Shrine (both color and black/white)* (K-6th)
Mary Mother of the Eucharist Coloring Page and Shrine* (K-6th)
Marian Symbols and Marian Monogram* (K-6th)
Digital Blessed Virgin Mary Scavenger Hunt (6th-8th)
Mary, Mother of the Church* (K-6th)
Marian Apparition Investigation* (6th & Up)
Names of Mary Bookmarks* (all ages)
Our Lady of Guadalupe Block Print* (all ages)
The Seven Sorrows and Immaculate Heart of Mary Coloring pages and notes* (2nd-6th)
Seven Sorrows Reflections Mini Book and Script* (4th-8th)
Preparing Kids to Receive the Brown Scapular* (4th-8th)
Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue Girls' Retreat* (all ages)
Take Home Family Marian Shrines* (all ages)
Miraculous Medal Embroidery Pattern* (5th-adult) and resources (all ages)
Marian Typology Cards* (5th & up)
Hail Mary Prayer Cards* (K-2nd)
Mary Garden Plant Labels* (2nd & up)
Mary and Discipleship* (6th & up)
Mary Fact Flipbooks* (4th-8th)
My Soul Magnifies the Lord Theme (all ages)
Pop Up Notebook Marian Shrine* (4th-8th)
Pop Up Marian Shrine in a Lapbook* (4th-8th)
Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue* (all ages)
Marian Paper Dolls (2nd & up)
Mary as the Moon coloring page* (2nd & up)
Favorite Marian Books (all ages)
Favorite Marian Songs a playlist (all ages)
Angelus Mini Book* (2nd-6th)
Regina Coeli Mini Book* (2nd-6th)
Memorare Prayer Cards* (2nd-6th)
Our Lady of Loreto Digital Scavenger Hunt (6th & up)
Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary*

The Easter Season
50 Ways to Celebrate the 50 Days with 2022 Update*
50 Ways to Celebrate the 50 Days- Easy to share pdf with ideas for the whole Easter Season
Fifty Days of Easter* Post with collection of ideas for celebrating Easter
What Easter Looks Like * Coloring Page/Printable
The Sound of Easter: An Easter Playlist
Resurrection Eggs*
The Gospel in an Eggshell*
Paschal Lamb Printable*
New Life Seeds*
The Way of Light Mini Book*
The Way of Light Easter Sunrise Craft*
The Way of Light Resurrection Eggs*
The Way of Light Story-in-a-Bag*
The Way of Light Shareable Bible Study for Google Classroom
Way of Light Easter Bible Study
Regina Coeli Mini Book*
Debunking Resurrection Theories*
Fulton Sheen Good Friday & Easter Sunday quote coloring page*
Easter Scripture Typography Posters
The Way of Light Adult (or Teen) Seven Part Bible Study*
Women of the Resurrection Adult (or Teen) Seven Part Bible Study* (with coloring pages!)
Paschal Candle Craft for Kids
Divine Mercy Activities*

Books about Mary for Catholic Kids

Books for May

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Marian Symbols and Marian Monograms (in English and Spanish!)

Marian symbols like flowers, stars, crowns, and the rosary can be found in Catholic art, architecture, church décor, sacramentals, holy cards, and more from across the centuries. Do your children recognize those symbols and know their meaning?

Each tells us a little about the Blessed Virgin Mary and her role in Salvation History. The symbols also show us the connection between Mary and Jesus. As the Mother of God, everything she does leads us to know, love, and follow her Son. These printables have descriptions of these twelve symbols, which can then be used to create a Marian monogram.

Click here for the Marian Symbols and Marian Monogram in English:

Click here for the Marian Symbols in Spanish:

Monday, May 8, 2023

Mary, Mother of the Eucharist Coloring Page and Marian Shrine

This month for the Heart of the Revival Newsletter, my article is on May Crownings, Mary Gardens, and Eucharistic Flowers. Using the beauty of nature around us to honor Our Lady, and allowing that beauty to lead us closer to her Son, Jesus, is a perfect activity for springtime. Included in the article is more info on the historical background on Mary Gardens as well as some flowers with Eucharistic names too. 

I redesigned an old printable Marian shrine with an image based on Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres' The Virgin Adoring the Host painting from 1852. The printable shrine includes a little info for families, a foldable triptych, Mary "statue," and Marian decorative elements. I also have a new coloring page for you, and both are available in Spanish as well!

Click here to read all the inspiration behind these activities, including discussion questions for kids, and other Marian floral resources.

Click here for the Mary, Mother of the Eucharist coloring page:

 Click here for the Mary, Mother of the Eucharist coloring page in Spanish:

Click here for a printable Marian Shrine in English:

Click here for a printable Marian Shrine in Spanish:

Monday, May 1, 2023

May Books for Catholic Kids- Including a giant list of books about the Blessed Virgin Mary!

May Catholic Kids Book List
Below are a few favorite titles that fit well with devotions and feast days this month! This list contains Amazon Affiliate links, which means if you click through and make a purchase, I earn a small commission at no cost to you. I'd also love to encourage you to shop directly with the publisher or with your local bookshop, or try to request these at your local library! I'm sure I've missed some books that would be great for this month, so feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments! You can find my giant list of Catholic Kid Books by topic here.

Feast Days this Month
5/1- St. Joseph the Worker

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Teaching Scripture to Children Video Course with the St. Paul Center

I’m excited to share with you a little project I worked on last summer- at the invitation of The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, I wrote an 8 part series about sharing the Bible with kids, and then we filmed it! (Emmaus Road Publishing, where my books Through the Year with Jesus and Through the Year with Mary came from, is under the umbrella of the St. Paul Center).

The study is intended to help parents and teachers feel equipped and inspired to read Sacred Scripture together with their children and students. Episodes include ideas for using the Bible through the Liturgical Year, in connection to the Mass, while praying the Rosary, with journaling and art, through the highs and lows of life, and more. 

Click here to watch a trailer of the course:

You know how much I like to share resources, so each talk also has corresponding handouts to help guide the grownups and printables for the kids. Over twenty pdfs are ready for you to download and use!

You can access all of it through the Emmaus Academy platform, a brand new resource from The St. Paul Center with courses from Dr. Scott Hahn, Dr. John Bergsma, Fr. Boniface Hicks, and more.

Here’s the official course description:

“The Bible is wise and powerful and holy, but it is not meant to be reserved for only the wisest scholars, most powerful leaders, or holiest saints. Sacred Scripture is a love letter from our Heavenly Father for each one of us—adult and child alike. Although the Bible can be lengthy and complex, it is still intended to be approached by even the youngest Catholics. With a little preparation and some helpful tools, parents and grandparents, as well as catechists and teachers, can help children encounter the Word of God in prayer and study. Discover how to open the Bible with kids of all ages to pray with Lectio Divina and Visio Divina, meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary, bring the Sunday Mass Readings into your week, celebrate the liturgical year, and support the highs and lows of daily life. Learning how to pray with Scripture alongside your children is a gift that can last generations.”

You can click here to give the Academy a try with a 14 day free trial. Watch my Teaching Scripture to Children course, but make sure you check out all of the other resources which are being added to each month.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at hello (at) looktohimandberadiant (dot) com!

Saturday, April 1, 2023

April Radiant Roundup- Ideas for Holy Week, the Whole Season of Easter, and April Saints

Happy April! Tomorrow we enter into Holy Week, with the Sacred Triduum and Easter Sunday just around the corner. Here's the Radiant Roundup for the month, filled with resources for the whole Season of Easter, the month of the Holy Spirit, and Saint Feast Days for April!

Holy Week & The Sacred Triduum
Holy Week Family Retreat & Journal* (In English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese)
This post has ideas for each day of Holy Week, including a printable journal and clickable links to activities and videos.

The Easter Season 4/9-5/28
50 Ways to Celebrate the 50 Days* Easy to share pdf with ideas for the whole Easter Season
Fifty Days of Easter* Post with collection of ideas for celebrating Easter
What Easter Looks Like* Coloring Page/Printable
The Sound of Easter: An Easter Playlist
Resurrection Eggs*
The Gospel in an Eggshell*

Divine Mercy Sunday- 4/16
Divine Mercy Watercolor Art* (printable coloring page-2nd-6th)
Divine Mercy Melty Bead Craft* (printable pattern and examples-2nd-8th)
Pop Out Divine Mercy Chaplet* (Connection to Reconciliation-2nd-6th)

The Month of the Holy Spirit
Feast Days this Month

4/16- St. Bernadette Soubirous

4/28- St. Gianna Molla
4/28- St. Louis de Montfort

4/29- St. Catherine of Siena

4/30- Good Shepherd Sunday
While these activities are not exclusively about Jesus, the Good Shepherd, I think that Good Shepherd Sunday is a perfect time to teach about the parables:
More info on how to teach the parables* (ideas for all ages, printables for 6th & up)

April Books for Catholic Kids
Click here for a list of book recommendations for Holy Week, the Easter Season, and Saint Feast Days this month:

May the Lord bless and keep you!