Monday, January 1, 2024

AMDG Bulletin Board

Need a new bulletin board for the start of 2024? It seems like a good time to remember to be doing all things well- and to be doing them for the greater glory of God! I used the big bulletin board in my classroom to add some inspiring quotes and a memorable Latin motto to give both me and my students a daily reminder. Michelle from Rough 2 Rustic sent me that awesome AMDG Banner and it inspired this whole display. Laser cut out of birch wood and strung on jute, the banner will last for years and years and can be used in so many different ways. Rather than cutting letters out of paper, I love how it adds depth to the bulletin board and especially love that they won’t need to be tossed when this bulletin board comes down- they’ll be simple to store and then I can pull them back out again later. Of course, the banner would also look lovely on a mantle or on a wall at home too!

Some details on the rest of the board if you are curious:

  • Background is navy fabric. It’s going six years strong. Sometimes I’ll put a layer of paper over it for a particular board, but the navy is always the base layer and makes it easy to get a bulletin board up quickly. Fabric also hides staple holes and doesn’t fade as quickly as paper.
  • Ditto for the borders. It’s called “white wood” from Teacher Created Resources.
  • I was going for a rolling mountain skyline with the torn paper (maybe?). Those were made from four pieces of posterboard. I cut them in half and taped together to get more length, then tore the wavy shapes across the whole long piece. That gave me eight layers.
  • Arranged those and used a few dots of glue to just barely hold in place.
  • Wrote several Bible verses and Saint quotes about the glory of God. (list here)
  • Stapled the mountains on the board and tucked the edges under the boarder and ta-da! A subtle reminder to use your gifts and talents and this wonderful life to bring glory to our Creator.

Whether for classroom or home, make sure to go check out all Rough 2 Rustic has to offer! So many wonderful tools to add Catholic identify in simple but meaningful ways!

Click here for a list of the quotes and Bible verses I included:

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