Saturday, April 28, 2012

I wish I had pictures

In the past 72 hours, much has happened.
I was trying to think of a post to capture everything, and realized that pictures would be so much better.
But I didn't take any pictures.
So, alas, here is a mere list, in no particular order.
-A town-wide garage sale that was an epic fail. 
-A dead Bambi.
-A 44 minute door-to-door ER visit.
-A presentation where I almost lost my voice.
-A lot of miles on my new car.
-A woman in labor.
-A life sized horse on a front porch.
-A complaint to slow down and speak English.
-Steak and Shake used as bribery.
-Wedding planning.
-A giant pregnant catfish and an albino bass.
-Babies on four wheelers.
-A wicked lightning storm.
-An agricultural education lesson using a hummus and sprouts sandwich.
-A car repair shop.
-A Benjamin Franklin siting.
-Walking in squares.
-Ring shopping.

As the local small town paper would say, a good time was had by all.


  1. At first I thought it said Benjamin Franklin sitting. Then I got it!
    It looks like I missed a few stories :) Can't wait to get the full picture.

  2. oh, there are so many stories!
    Can't wait to fill you in :)

  3. Is it weird that my first thought of "a Benjamin Franklin siting" (after I figured out that it did not say "sitting" too, Anita), was that you saw a Ben Franklin dime store? It did not even remotely cross my mind that you were referring to the well-known historical figure... unless of course, you weren't.

  4. Betsy, we were at a Ben Franklin dime store! It was one of the highlights of the day. Emily didn't know what kind of store it was, and so when she asked "What's in a Ben Franklin?" Anita and I both said, "Ben Franklin!". She didn't think it was as funny as we did.