Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Wedding Intervention

Tonight my mom staged a wedding intervention.

Her original plan for the wedding intervention was three days with her three girls, no phones, no internet and locked doors.  The mission: hammer out details for Bogner Girl Wedding #1. (aka Steph and Steve's nuptials).

What she got was three girls, three hours, four phones, Chinese food, and two laptops. And a lot of distractions.

Amidst the flowers, photos, caterers, cakes, place cards, and bachelorette party details, these were some of the priceless quotes:

(My mom has some kind of secret that she is not telling us.  None of us- and I mean NONE- like secrets.  We tried all night to get it out of her.)
What is the surprise?!? ~Katie, Steph, Emily
Did you get Katie a mail order Russian husband? ~Emily
No, he would be Irish, because I love the language. ~Mom
I love the language, too.  I speak it. ~Emily

I just had a vision of oompa loopas and West Side Story. ~Emily 
*snap *snap ~Mom

Katie’s morals are going to get in the way of our fun. ~Steph and Em

We sometimes strayed off topic into Bogner Girl Wedding #2 (aka Emily and Luke)
(Speaking about how all of Emily’s groomsmen will be in uniform.)
Everyone but Steven will be. ~Emily
Well, he…may…be… ~Steph
Joining the Army!?! ~Emily

I hate you.  I hate you and your hair.  You two just sucked up all of the good hair genes in the womb.  And I got crap left to work with. ~Emily

I want german chocolate cake at my wedding.  You know, the red kind. ~Emily
That is red velvet cake.  ~Katie

We are now three hours into this meeting- Mom and Steph and going strong. Emily and my heads keep getting closer and closer to the table...and I am more and more convinced that Bogner Girl Wedding #3 might be an elopement.

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