Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Life is better when you wear an apron

I love aprons.  There is something that makes cooking, washing dishes, or cleaning better when you are wearing a pretty apron, especially one that has been made with love.  It also feels like a connection to our past, to the women who also wore aprons as they served the needs of their family and friends.  There is something decidedly feminine about an apron, something that feels right.

I am not trying to imply that a woman's place is in her kitchen or that men don't have their role in caring for a home and cooking.  But, God made a woman's heart for hospitality.  Those gifts given to her are in place to make the family and friends, as well as the strangers, that she encounters to feel welcomed, loved, and cared for.  An apron is just an outward expression of that, kind of like saying that your feminine heart is open for true business.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that I often use my limited sewing talents to make aprons as gifts.  Both my sisters already have an apron from me, but they were half aprons, and now that they are cooking more and more for their husbands (well, one husband-to-be) they requested something with a little more coverage.

This one is Stephanie's:

The colors match her kitchen and her style.  It is actually reversible, but I cannot find the picture of the other side, and the real apron is currently in her possession, so you will just have to use your imagination.

The one neat feature of this apron is the bib- it is made from a tea towel that belonged to our Grandma.  She passed away almost ten years ago, but recently after the death of our aunt, we started going through lots of our grandma's belongings.  I got a lot of the linens, and I thought this was a better use for the cute towel then to be stuck in a drawer.

And here is Emily's apron:
She actually picked out her own fabric, and had fun finding something that matched the black, turquoise, and flamingo Fiestaware that she has on her wedding registry.
The fabric is polka-dot, the buttons are roses, and the ribbon is chevron, all of which made her happy.  It is also reversible, and looks pretty cute from both sides.  I like the sweetheart neckline on this one, and although they were a pain and are far from perfect, the piping trimmed inset pockets turned out neat also.
They were fun to create, and make me think that I should dig out some pictures of some others I have made.  Maybe a topic for later this summer :)

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