Thursday, February 20, 2014

Acts of Faith, Hope, and Love Prayers

As I am teaching about the Theological Virtues this month, we are working in some practice with the Act of Faith, Act of Hope, and Act of Love prayers.  We are attaching them in our notebooks along with the virtue notes available in the links below. 

Click here for the Act of Faith Prayer printable:
 Click here for the Act of Hope Prayer printable:
 Click here for the Act of Love Prayer printable:
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Coloring page with the symbols for faith, hope, and charity


  1. Thank you! I need these for myself...

  2. Pray my marriage will be restored!

  3. Thank you for posting these. I used the Act of Love, Faith and Hope and the Virtue Graphic Organizer for my Religious Education class this week! The kids loved coloring it in, and really go the message better when we were talking about the value of living a virtuous life and acts of faith, charity, and love. These were perfect tools for me!