Saturday, May 10, 2014

7QT- Seven Signs It Is Time For School To Be Out

School is almost out for the summer.  Teachers try to hold together "normal" for as long as possible with the kids to prevent anarchy mutiny rebellion detrimental changes in routine.  However, that semblance of normal routine is breaking down in me more and more each day.  Here are a few examples of how I can tell it is time to ship the kids off for a restful summer break:

Sign number one that it is time for school to be out for the summer: 
 I was searching for the surface of my desk grading papers today and a pile of student work accidentally slid into the garbage.  
The garbage.  
I sat still and slowly peered over the corner of my desk. 
And I seriously considered leaving them there.
Don't worry.  I called on responsible Katie and she did the right thing.  Meh.  Grading.

I find myself growing more attached to the kids now that they are leaving.  I do love them, but in the throes of February, that kid that cannot for the life of him ever find any of his belongings or the one that interrupts as she breathes and the other that seems to "always" not hear my directions...well let's just say the patience runs thin.  But now, a couple short weeks from sending them on their way, affection fills my heart for their little quirks and personalities and contributions to our classroom.  We will enjoy these last days together, and I will be sad to see them go off during the long summer months.

I was told today by a student that I "had no swag."
No swag, you say?!?

Well, I must be all out of swag for the school year.
Time for you to go.

 I am out of attention-getting-mechanisms and creative seating arrangements and strategic lesson plans.  My students just want to talk. To anyone. All day.  Cue Mr. Feeny.

My biggest internal end-of-the-year sign is that I am in pitch and organize mode.  I have to resist the impulse to dump every shelf, empty every tote, sort, throw, clean, organize, color code, file, and rearrange every stinkin' thing in both my classroom and my DRE office. Right now.  Everything that has been functioning well suddenly seems to be in disarray, but it is just going to have to wait until the kids walk out the door and I have more space and less hands to "help" with the sorting.
Amen, Ryan.

Another reason school needs to be out for the summer? Supplies are coveted.
I swear every kid's pencil (singular) looks like this.  

My last sign is that I am tired of looking longingly at the books on my bookshelf/coffee table/floor  that are begging to be read.  I cannot wait to spend my first day in the sun, reading a book (not one written for a 5th grader) from cover to cover.  Maybe it will be this one?  I am looking forward to reading Jen's new book!

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  1. Oh, Ryan. He's always so supportive of the work teachers do. Bless him and his beautiful self.

    This made me laugh and also made me sad thinking about how it's been a whole year since I've been in the classroom. Time goes so fast! Hang in there, summer is almost here.

  2. # 5.... That's totally me right now, with only 13 school days left.

    # 6.... If my students actually HAD pencils, I'm sure they'd look like that too.

  3. I can't wait to organize with you!