Thursday, February 12, 2015

Owl Love

St. Valentine's Day is almost upon us... I thought that I would share our little owl love Valentine's bags with you!

I've done this project for several years with my students, it is a fun, no instructions necessary craft.  We start with different styles of "lunch sack" style bags.  I have learned to get the heavy craft ones from Hobby Lobby, usually available in their holiday aisles.

I then set out colored paper scraps, stencils to use for circles, glue, staplers, etc. and let the kids be creative.  Here are this year's results:

We have sweet Valentine's owls:

 And creative boys' owls:

 And cutesy girls' owls:
They always impress me with what they can come up with, even given the same materials and same instructions.  We will use these tomorrow at our classroom party for the Valentine's Card exchange.  Happy St. Valentine's Day!

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