Monday, March 23, 2015

Pope Wanted Posters

This week Pope Francis celebrated his second anniversary as our Pontiff.  (yay!)
I can't believe that it has been two years, but I still vividly remember hearing the news of Pope Benedict's resignation, the time waiting for the election, and the day that we saw white smoke at the Vatican.  I also love that I was in a Catholic School when it happened, meaning that the day stopped and we were glued to the TV (well, the computer and smart board) as we waited to meet our new Pope.

Rewinding back to those days while we waited for the Cardinals to assemble, my students and I had fun investigating and studying the process for the election of the new pope.  We also talked about both the requirements and the desired attributes of the man who would become pope.  As an assessment for that study, I had my students create wanted posters about what they were looking for in the new pope.  I printed off this clip art for them (it can be found on a lot of free clip art sites including here). Then they created the look of an old west wanted poster and included details about requirements for the new pope, what qualities they thought would make a great pope, and who to contact. :)

While I hope Pope Francis remains our leader for a long time to come, this is an activity I would use again!

Here were our two favorite videos about the election of the Pope:

And here are some more examples of our wanted posters:

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