Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sacrament Videos

Teacher's have all summer off, right?

While I will admit that the flexibility and free time are super nice, teachers are never really "off."  We're always thinking of improving, growing, and changing.  One thing on my list this summer is organizing the videos I like to use in the classroom or with youth group into playlists- both to make it easier to use and to research new resources.

YouTube playlists may become a new obsession.  I've got almost twenty in the works right now and plan on organizing and adding more.  You can follow what I've got going on over on YouTube here if you want to get a head start on upcoming posts. :)

And for now, here is a playlist started with lots of videos for the seven Sacraments!

Got any great videos that can be used to teach the seven Sacraments?  Send the link my way!


  1. Thanks! I have quite a bit to look at. I like including short clips to break up reading and paper work. I have four if you haven't seen them.



    Light of Love video for call to sisterhood. So beautiful really. Long so you can find snippets.

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  2. Hi, Katie - Awesome resources! You might find some more videos on my curated website The Liturgical Catechist. I have a whole bunch of YouTube videos on the Sacraments page, here:

    1. Awesome! I am going to look forward to going through all of your videos, as well as your whole website! It looks like you have tons of treasures! Thanks!


  4. check these out Sacraments 101