Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Watercolor Bookshelf Printable

Ever since I started writing Katie Reads posts, I've been challenge to read more and to read wider.  I'm so glad for all the book recommendations and conversations that those posts have created, as well as the accountability to make time for reading.

On a lazy summer day a couple months ago, my sister and I broke out her watercolors during nap time, and on a whim I made this cute little bookshelf.   Before I taped it in my new planner, (fyi, The Catholic Planner, which I love!) I scanned it so I could print and use it again... and so I could share it with you!  I've already added the books that I've read in 2017, and plan to keep writing them in.  We'll see how full I can get the shelves, and then I probably will print a new one and keep track of what I read in 2018.  Considering I've been a list maker and book hoarder my whole life, I can't believe it took me this long to start making book lists.

If you'd like to use this watercolor bookshelf for you or your students, I have it available in two sizes below.  This little printable would be a fun addition to your planner or bullet journal, or would work great for a middle schooler's notebooking project.

Click here to print the large (full page) bookshelf:
 Click here to print the small (two per page) watercolor bookshelves:
Happy Reading!