Friday, February 2, 2018

Sweeter Than Honey Coloring Pages {February}

The big idea of our Sweeter than Honey CCD theme this year is to encourage the kids to know and memorize Scripture, specifically the Psalms, so that they know that God's promises are so sweet.

Each month, I'll share a set of coloring pages, one for each Sunday, featuring the Psalm from Sunday Mass.  Using special fonts and simple decorations, they are meant to be a quick addition to your weekly class as an aide to memorizing the Responsorial Psalm.  Add it to your opening and closing prayer, give the students a few minutes to color it during class, and send it home to be hung up on the fridge or bathroom mirror.

Here are the coloring pages for the four Sundays of February:

Click here for the full size Psalm coloring pages for February:

Click here for the half page size Psalm coloring pages for February:
(These fit perfectly inside the Scripture Book cover from this post)

I'll post coloring pages of the Psalms once a month, so stay tuned!  You can find the August Coloring Pages here, the September Coloring Pages here, the October Coloring Pages here, the November Coloring Pages here, the December Coloring Pages here, and January Coloring pages here.  You might also like our Sweeter than Honey theme resources (folder covers, logo, signs, etc.), Sweeter than Honey theme decorations, and St. Abigail and St. Ambrose patron Saint coloring pages.


  1. Thanks for the amazing art work again! In my 5th grade religion class we have turned your Sweeter than Honey pages and the pages for the different times of the Liturgical Calendar into a booklet. I will have them again next year for 6th grade and we are going to keep on adding to their booklets.


  2. Beautiful ! Love these ! Thank you, Katie ! Happy Feast of the Presentation of the Lord ! Sr. Geraldine