Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Saint Scavenger Hunt

I may have lots and lots of activities about All Saints Day, but now that I am teaching Jr. High, I am tweaking and adapting ideas to make them a little more appropriate and challenging for older kids.  We also are working with my 8th graders to help them finalize their Saint for their Confirmation names, so learning about new Saints is an everyday part of my classroom right now. 

To help the students see connections between their lives and the Saints, I made this little activity we're going to use on All Saints Day.  It challenges them to research a Saint that shares their birthday/feast day, their name (or a derivation of), and a hobby/interest.  The printable has spots to record information, including facts about the Saint's life, and then a challenge to find something the student has in common with the Saint (hint= even if nothing else matches, they always have love of Jesus as a similarity!).

Many Saint books are organized either in alphabetical order by Saint name, or they are organized by feast day, so those will be useful resources in choosing a Saint for this activity.  I also have a handy book that includes a list of Saint names and their derivations, which is nice for students that don't have a more "traditional" Saint first or middle name.  Connecting to a hobby/interest might be a little harder with a book, but can be done.   Or, if every students has access to get online, I would recommend using the Saints & Angels Database, which is searchable as well as sorted by dates, names, and patronages.

This activity serves as a great reminder of the great variety of Saints in heaven, and that while we have the most important things in common, God's calling is for everyone- no matter their background, interests, vocation, or talents.  "Saints didn't set out to have everyone follow them.  Saints set out to follow Jesus, and others followed them in their pursuit of Him." ~Mark Hart

Click on either image below to get the 2 page  printable:

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  1. You are so amazingly creative and generous!! Thank you for all that you share with your fellow religion teachers! May God bless you abundantly:)