Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Rosary Petitions for a Time of Pandemic

The last thing that I did together with my students before our school closed for the foreseeable future was pray the Rosary. It was a Friday, so we used the Sorrowful Mysteries, and it was easy to add in a reflection for each decade with a few petitions for the needs of the world around us during this covid-19 pandemic. I ended up writing those petitions down, sharing them on the blog and on Instagram, and they got a wide response from others who desire to pray in a similar way.

I've been praying the rest of the Mysteries these past days through the same lens, and after requests to write down reflections for all the Mysteries, I've got some resources for you today. To make it a little easier to share with you, I have both pdfs and jpgs that you can print out, add on social media, or pull up on your screen as you pray.

The petitions I've set with the Mysteries are what have come to mind as I've been praying for all during this pandemic. Some have to do with the practical suffering around us, some are for leadership and decision making, and some are for the spiritual good that can triumph through sacrifice. There are obviously thousands of things to pray for, so this list is limited. But I hope that it serves as a resource for those who are struggling with the words to say right now, as well as an inspiration for your own specific prayers.

A few notes:
-As stated above, these lists are not all inclusive. I know that there are many, many more things to pray for. That's the beauty of the Body of Christ- we all bring our unique perspective when we cover the world in prayer. Please add in your own voice!
-There is some blank space to the right of each set of petitions, so if you print these out you can write in your own prayers, as well as specific needs. For example on the petition for health care workers, write a list of all the doctors, nurses, home health providers, etc. that you know and pray for them by name during that decade.
-While pretty much everything on my blog is aimed at the religious education of kids, these were not created with them in mind. They were created for you, the adult, who is carrying the weight of this for your children. While these Rosary Petitions might still be a good tool for older kids who are handling the pandemic info well, they are not intended for those kiddos who are younger or who need some separation from the stress and details of what is happening.

Click HERE to download the pages as pdfs or right click on any image below to save as an image.
Or you can open this folder for all of the files in one place.

AND! Big thanks to reader Helga, the petitions are also available in Spanish! The pdf and jpgs are available in the same folder, or click on the image below for the pdf:


  1. Thank you for sharing these in Spanish as well !!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these! They are wonderful.

  3. it was really fun I had to ask a lot because my parents are not Catholica only me and my sister but i loved spending time with my family and doing something nice and peaceful and we mostly prayed for the elderly

  4. I am impressed at the page you have designed and shared. Thank you so much for the work you have put into this and for sharing it. God may filled your home and your heart with his blessings!