Wednesday, April 29, 2020

30 Ways to Celebrate Mary During Mary {Shareable Resource}

It's almost May, the Month of Our Lady! To help you and the families you work with celebrate, I pulled together an easy to share resource. Click below to download a four page pdf file. The pdf contains 30 little thumbnails that are all links to FREE Marian resources, perfect for just about one each day of the month.

The resources are intended to reach a wide variety of ages, while of course some are meant for older kids and some for younger, hopefully families can find ways to make them work for most K-8th kids. The links lead to different ideas for art, coloring pages, prayer, food, videos, music, and more. And again, they are all free!

Many of the ideas come from my blog, just organized in a different way. But I also have some favorite resources from many other parents, teachers, creators, and small business owners. Once you get to their sites, I hope you check out all they have to offer.

Please feel free to take this pdf and email it directly to anyone you think can use it. You are welcome to include it in a school/parish newsletter or include a link to it on your website. I designed it this way for exactly that purpose- hopefully it is easy to get in the hands of your family and the families you know and work with, helping all to pray and learn during this month.

You might also like the shareable pdf of 50 ideas for the Easter Season (remember, we celebrate until Pentecost!)


  1. Absolutely beautiful resources! Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so, so much for these wonderful resources. You are an inspiration!