Friday, March 19, 2021

Etsy Shop Restock and Sale!

Hi All! Praying you have a very, very happy and holy Solemnity of St. Joseph today! May the rich graces and virtues of the Patron of the Universal Church, Joseph, lead and guide us!

I don't usually pitch my Etsy shop here on the blog much, mostly because the blog is about free resources ;) but I also have heard from people that are not on Instagram and are sad when they miss a stamp restock or a sale.  So forgive the intrusion in your inbox, I promise I'll be back in a few days with free resources for Holy Week! 

Tomorrow I'm restocking the Catholic themed rubber stamps I carry in my Etsy shop. I love creating them and sharing them, but keeping up with a constant flow of orders and shipping isn't something I can make time for, so instead I release them all at once a few times a year and when they are gone, they are gone. They typically sell out within hours- so I wanted to make sure you had a heads up! 

This restock includes lots of old favorites as well as a bunch of new designs that I am so happy with!

The stamps will be listed at 9 am CST tomorrow, Saturday, March 20, 2021. And just for fun, I also have all of my digital downloads (Bible journaling tools and block carving art) are 50% off until after Easter!

Here are some previews of the stamps:

The Holy Family Hearts are the reason my Etsy shop exists in the first place! Four years ago I made a few stamps like the one in the upper right for Christmas gifts, but after showing a Bible journaling page made with them on Instagram, people asked to have their own! My Etsy shop is under the patronage of the Holy Family, and these will always be my favorite stamps. These designs range in size from 1"x1", 1.5"x3", and 2.5"x2.5".

Here's what the actual stamp side looks like- I'm always so impressed by the details! Each of these stamps is created from one of my original drawings (or block carvings) and then is digitally sent to a professional print shop and laser cut to create consistent tools for you.

These little minis (1"x1") are so adaptable! Perfect for little hands, planners, or Bible journaling. In addition to the individual Holy Family Hearts above, I'll also have the Divine Mercy/Jesus I Trust in You, JMJ (Fulton Sheen's handwriting), Holy Spirit Dove, and Ave Maria/Auspice Maria.

These Marian stamps are so cool- they were originally 4"x6" block carvings, now scaled down to about 2.5" tall! In this round I'll have Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Holy Family, Stella Maris, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

An old favorite is this Holy Spirit dove, and new stamps include the Infant Baby Jesus and the Angelus- both originally block carvings.

A few more perfect for the Easter and First Communion seasons are the Paschal Lamb, Cathedral, Chalice and Host, and Sacred Heart of Jesus. (I also have a Monstrance, but it's not pictured here!)

And finally a few stamps that are great for cards and mail, including the "Prayed a Rosary for You," Spiritual Bouquet counter, and Miraculous Medal stamps.

If you've got plans for how to put these stamps to good use, I'll see you at 9 am CST tomorrow at LookToHimBeRadiant on Etsy!


  1. Katie--
    I am not on Instagram so I very much WELCOME your "intrusion" to my inbox! I use your resources often! I love your blog and your resources. I teach Religion to 2nd-5th grade and your site is my go to! I was not quick enough this time for your stamps but will be the next time! Keep me posted!

    1. Hi Sylvia! I'm sorry you didn't see this in time- they did go fast! And I'm always grateful to hear that the blog is helpful!